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How to Improve Online Sales with Marketing Automation

As you grow your online retail business, you start having a lot of questions. How do the big online retailers keep up with the growing customer base? When do they provide a consistent experience to all their customers? In what way do they increase their sales? Two words: Marketing Automation. As your business expands, marketing […]

Using Affirmations to Energize Enterprise Sales Teams

What happens when five enterprise sales managers and a salesperson are suddenly given the opportunity to lead two former National Basketball Association players and a talk show host? To craft this article, I ran an experiment where I played out a Saturday Night Live Episode to six industry professionals, and had them imagine that the cast members are now working in their enterprise sales department. I presented them with specific scenarios to each interviewee, and asked them what they would say to increase the confidence of their new hire. The resulting lessons will teach the sales managers who read how to grow the confidence of their sales team through affirmative statements.

8 Actionable Ways to Use LinkedIn for Successful B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a well-known social media platform for B2B marketing. However, getting your desired results from the platform isn’t as straightforward as you think.  You can’t just expect to fill out your company page with basic things, send a couple of invitations, and everything will fall into place.  While LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to […]

Seven Ways to Acquire Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs)

Image credit: Unsplash Clients go through a sales funnel, beginning with getting acquainted with your business. They land on the website, discover goods and services, and compare prices with others. Thus, they gradually become SQLs. That’s where we need to answer the question, “What is a sales-qualified lead (SQL)?” These are people or companies interested […]

Things About Wholesale Business Your Boss Wants to Know

Being fully equipped with vital information that your boss needs to run their wholesale business successfully is crucial. This can make you productive and attain better results for the business and personal growth. Let’s discuss some essential aspects of a wholesale business you need to know. It’ll impress your boss, help you stand apart from […]

6 Different Sales Management Styles For First-Time Leaders

Image source: Pexels A business survives or thrives on its sales. In most cases, a dedicated team is responsible for driving those sales and bringing in revenue – regardless of how challenging the market and consumer landscape may be. But a sales team can’t function without good leadership. In short, a sales manager creates the […]

How Can You Measure the Performance of Your Sales Outreach Emails?

Email marketing is a powerful tool throughout the sales process and customer lifecycle. Sales outreach emails include cold sales emails or email follow-ups sent to warm prospects. But without tracking the sales email metrics, you’ll never identify whether your techniques are working or not. Measuring the sales outreach email performance helps determine how well different […]

How to Promote Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

If you had to list some of the most valuable assets available to brands today, social proof would undoubtedly be right at the top. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling company shirts or other branded merchandise – having someone who has already captured your audience’s attention on your side is critical to success.  These days, […]

How to send emails that turn readers into buyers

Image source: Pexels Most people send emails and receive them. Of these newsletters are popular. Most newsletters don’t get read and of the few that get read the majority don’t result in improved sales numbers. If you create email newsletters then you must master the art of turning your subscribers into customers. Here are a […]

SEO – A Sales Ultimate Guide to the Metaverse

What is SEO Metaverse? The SEO Metaverse is a term coined by SEO expert Bruce Clay, and it refers to the sum of all online searchable content. It includes not just traditional websites but also social media profiles, blog posts, articles, videos, and more. How can SEO help my Business? SEO can help your business […]