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The 5 Best Opportunities For B2B Sales Growth In 2023

The capacity to foresee change and be prepared to manage and create plans for the future is critical to the success of any business. Companies have learned this lesson, some of them the hard way. Due to COVID-19, many businesses still struggle with accepting and adjusting to the new reality.    The new reality includes […]

Best eCommerce Tools To Drive Sales In 2023

If you are looking for the best eCommerce tools that can help you drive more sales in 2023 then you have come to the right place. Because of the success of e-commerce websites such as Amazon, more and more retail businesses are transitioning to online stores. In the year 2020, online sales generated over $4 […]

How to Use BANT to Qualify Prospects in 2023

If we set out to give BANT meaning in one sentence, we could say something like: “Tell me your budget, and I will tell you who you are.” The old-school BANT attitude was definitely similar to this idea. The goal was to determine whether the prospect was qualified to buy a product or not based […]

What Is a Sales Engineer & How Do You Become One?

What does a sales engineer do? To understand this properly, think of buying a new laptop. With so many innovations, we have to do some research before we even go to the IT shop. If we are considering the field of engineering, there are so many complex technical units on the market, such as medical […]

The Best Franchise Opportunities to Buy & Own in 2023-2024

They say it’s naughty to copy your classmate’s work. With affordable yet profitable franchises to own, this is exactly what you have to do! As the past several years were challenging for economics and businesses, an evident question arises: what entrepreneurial activity won’t leave its owner bankrupt by the end of 2023? And it seems […]

8 Innovative Ways to Encourage Sales Team Collaboration

Encouraging sales team collaboration is something that many companies struggle with from time to time. After all, business development is a competitive space. The highly motivated individuals who work in sales are often innovative and resilient yet solo operators.   Imagine, though, the positive influence of a more cohesive sales team. That extra nudge can […]

What Is a Purchase Order and How Do I Make One? [Template + Example]

Purchase orders are great pieces of documentation that no business can do without. They’re not just for keeping track of what’s spent but also for managing supplies. So, to avoid issues related to lack of documentation, you need to create a purchase order.   If you don’t know how to make one, then stick around; […]

30+ Conversation Starters for Any Situation

Trust is the foundation of any kind of relationship. But it becomes even more important when you’re in sales, as you’re continuously building networks among colleagues, bosses, and clients.  That’s why conversations are very important—and your ability to break the ice, even more so.   Knowing how to get a conversation started can open an […]

How To Sell Anything, To Anybody, Anywhere At Any Price

Salespeople tend to make sales pitches that disrupt the natural flow of conversations. For this reason, people develop an aversion to them. First off, people don’t want to be sold something they’re not interested in. Secondly, prospects are only receptive to sales pitches at specific times. That means salespeople can’t approach leads with their offers […]

How to Focus on What You Want | The Secret to Success

Do you feel it’s time to shift your focus and zero in on exactly what you want? I’ve seen the power of this firsthand. When you focus on what you truly desire, you unlock your full potential and are able to reach new heights of success. But how do you do this? Have you thought […]