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Why behaviour is your best clue!

Why behaviour is your best clue! How often do you listen to a sales person in your team telling you their plan for achieving and exceeding their sales target…only to observe them not doing what they planned throughout the month? It’s one of the biggest frustrations of sales leadership. Even when your team know exactly […]

Who in your team needs a lift right now?

Who in your team needs a lift right now? Sometimes my post on Linked In gets a bigger reaction than normal. I don’t think I’ve done anything different but it lands in a way that connects with more people. One of my posts did that last week. It was about the language we use to […]

9 Most Important Email Marketing Essentials in 2020

These marketing essentials play a vital role for any successful email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has been in existence since several years, yet even with the arrival of cross/multi-channel marketing (with widely used social media marketing, video marketing, and other forms of marketing), it remains as of yet unmatched in its efficacy. Email marketing is […]

Sales Kindness

A new way of selling? Firstly, I would like to acknowledge 2 people who inspired my thoughts in writing this piece, @John Espirian and @Mark Schaefer. Also a shout out to Noleen Thompson I only “met” John and Mark recently but they have changed my thinking. The Backstory….. About 3 weeks ago, I had an […]

What’s your Sales Leadership Mission?

What’s your Sales Leadership Mission? Every time I work with a group of Sales Leaders and ask what their Sales Leadership Mission is, I get responses like… To be the best Sales Leader that delivers on targets and key business objectives. To ensure my team consistently achieve targets. To ensure that everyone is happy and […]

Do you need a new recipe?

Do you need a new recipe? Have you ever tried to make a curry with only one spice, or a fruit cake with only one fruit? How about a paella with only rice? It doesn’t work does it? That’s because you need the blend of ingredients to create the magic deliciousness that makes your mouth […]

Good Habits…Bad Habits. What are yours?

Good Habits…Bad Habits. What are yours? There are some approaches that come up with every Sales Leader I speak with and have written countless blogs about. They are the most common behaviours that Sales Leaders indulge in to achieve their goals and targets…that actually get in the way of creating a high performing sales team. […]

Sales Prospecting Advice

6 Tips to Share with Your Sales Team Sales Prospecting: The Key to Sales Success Regardless of whether a salesperson has been selling for 2 years or 20, having a minimum number of qualified prospects is a determining factor of sales success. While the tendency is to focus on closing a deal, it’s likely that […]

The Ultimate Guide to Asking Open-Ended Questions on Sales Calls

Several Examples Of Open-Ended Questions in 5 Different Situations To truly uncover what your buyers want and need, your salespeople must be experts in asking open-ended questions. Asking open-ended sales questions–and making an intention to listen to the response thoughtfully–allows your reps to connect with prospects and customers and gather the information needed to recommend […]

Sales Training 101

What You NEED to Know Effective sales training is a critical component of sales success, whether your team is full of seasoned professionals, brand new graduates, or a diverse mix of skills and experience levels. When it comes to training new employees, the Sales Training 101 course may be one of the most important investments […]