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Psychological Tricks to Increase Sales

Our mind and our actions are subject to the laws of psychology. Therefore, various psychological tricks and strategies increase the number of customers. Learn how to apply these secrets to increase sales and be sure that you fulfill your sales plan.

Show customers that their choice is logical and justified

“It’s impossible to live in society and be free from society,” the once famous political figure said and was absolutely right. All of us, one way or another, obey the laws and rules of society, we need public approval, someone else’s point of view and a positive assessment. Therefore, when shopping, we use social evidence – the fact that others would have acted in the same way that our choice is logical and not isolated.

Provide your potential clients with such social proofs, and they will gladly pay for your services. This can be done in different ways, for example:

  • Post positive feedback on your nutritionist services on the website and on social networks, show the delight of satisfied customers, their sincere joy in working with you and the help received;
  • Popularize, wherever possible, the success stories of your clients, let them be proud of their achievements, make potential clients dream of the same;
  • Give specific numbers of your results, pay attention to them, show what benefits those who have already turned to you have gained.

Present your services from the position of advantage

It so happened that people find it difficult to estimate the value of something. The concept of “expensive” or “cheap” is different for everyone, and it all depends on how a particular person perceives the value of what he buys. When weighing prices, we always focus on comparisons and the advantages of one thing (service) relative to another, as well as our previous life experience.

For example, last year you bought sneakers for $ 30, and they broke in a few months. This year, you rate such a price as cheap, and the goods with a given price mentally endow you with poor quality. Now sneakers for $ 100 seem not so expensive to you.

The same with services: in order to make a decision, an expensive service or an appropriate price, it is necessary to estimate its cost and fullness in comparison with similar services.

Always show your packages of services in comparison with each other, so that potential customers clearly understand what changes the price, what is included in different packages, etc.

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State the importance to you of each client

When a person buys something, he wants to feel his own importance and significance. Show how you value the trust and choice of your clients, mark their importance for you and your company, show concern and sincere interest. All these are indicators of the quality of your service, which, unfortunately, is not enough now.

Market research proves that 70% of a client’s decision to buy or not buy something depends on the quality of service and seller’s care. Therefore, make sure that your sales department has high-quality welcoming scripts, how they identify customer needs, how managers communicate by phone and in person, how friendly and sincere they are.

Always be interested in the opinion of the client, check with him, how did he know about you, ask about past results, praise on every little thing, but only from the heart, and not played out.

Such an approach will help increase conversion, launch word of mouth with free advertising of your services, contribute to good reviews, and form a base of regular customers.

Build a community for your customers

People like to communicate with like-minded people, with those who support their solutions, who have similar problems or needs. That is why thematic forums and groups in social networks are so popular. You can easily make your brand and services a topic for discussion. You can set the tone for conversations, answer pressing questions, comment on someone’s posts, involve experts in topics.

Such a group will become another platform for interaction with your customers, a place where your brand will be popularized, where you can track the true needs and interests of your target audience. Successful companies use the information obtained from discussions to more accurately customize advertising, to build a unique sales offer. This all can greatly help you in building marketing.

Help customers remember your brand in bright colors

Our memory is arranged in such a way that we most of all remember what left indelible impressions and the last information received. Therefore, in advertising, the call to action is always at the end, so that customers remember it better.

Think about what can attract the attention of your target audience and leave a response in the hearts of these people regarding your service and activity.

Create a sense of scarcity and exclusivity

It has already been proven: people most strongly want to buy something that has a limited number or is not always available. This is skillfully used by marketers when they advise brands to create a limited series of something.

The feeling of scarcity instantly generates an awareness of the exclusivity of the proposed product or service. “If not everyone has this, then it definitely needs me,” many people think. Therefore, it makes sense to create a deficit.

An excellent tool in this regard is issuing a discount on a service that lasts a limited amount of time. To further spur potential customers, it makes sense to put a counter that counts down the time until the end of the grace period. This technique is used by many companies.

In addition, you can come up with VIP-services, not for all or a limited offer, for example, the first 100 customers buy the service at a special price.

Let customers discuss

Attention to the brand and the company also attracts discussions around the service or some problem indirectly related to it. People like to take part in discussions, to express their point of view or to challenge misconceptions.

Therefore, from time to time on your website or in groups on social networks you can launch discussions on hot topics, suggest discussing some controversial issue, present arguments with an ambiguous vision. Let customers leave their comments, chat on a given topic. This will allow your brand to be remembered, will create an emotional color around your services of a nutritionist.

Use these psychological techniques to increase sales and attract customers. Hone them in practice, see and analyze what works and what does not, which tricks have better efficiency. Good luck to you and – act!

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