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Do You Have a Sales Mindset?

Your mindset is the product of your thoughts, your beliefs, and your internal dialogue. It is the filter you use to decide how to interpret what is going on around you, and then how to respond.  


In order to create the results you desire from your sales efforts, you need to first understand and create your Sales Mindset

  • Who are you when you are influencing at your highest level? 
  • What’s possible when you’re working as the best version of yourself? 
  • What do you believe about your service, your product, your company, and the value you’re adding for your customers? 
  • What kind of mindset do you want to have? 


The answers to these questions will create your Ultimate Sales Mindset Vision. Now is the time to be bold and full of life. Don’t hold anything back! The only limits that apply to you are the ones you put on yourself. Get ready to step into everything you want to be, do, and have as a Sales Influencer.  


Write out a free-flowing list of the qualities, beliefs, habits and results that define you as the ultimate Sales Professional, and then condense that list into one vivid and clear Sales Mindset Vision statement.


How do you do this? Find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. Close your eyes and imagine in vivid detail all the phenomenal results, gifts, and blessings that show up in the life of the ultimate Sales Influencer. Picture yourself enjoying all the benefits of absolute abundance and freedom that are the result of a fantastically successful mindset as a Sales Professional. Put a huge smile on your face and allow yourself to feel the excitement of living that lifestyle. Feel it in your body now; feel the thrill of being, doing, and having everything you’ve always wanted.   


Now it’s time to capture the Sales Mindset that will drive you toward the reality you’ve envisioned. 


Hold that excitement in your body, set a timer for 10 minutes, and as quickly as you can, write all the results you want from your sales career, who you have to be, and what you need to believe in order to get those results in your life. Don’t worry about perfect grammar or complete sentences – just write!  

  • What character traits do you need to own? 
  • What do you need to believe about who you really are, about the value that your product or service adds to your customers, to the community, and to the world? 
  • Why is buying from you exactly what your customers need right now? 


When your timer goes off, stop and take a deep breath. Read over what you’ve written so far and get excited all over again! Now it’s time to put it all together and write out your Sales Mindset Vision.  


Clarity is power. Writing out your full Sales Mindset Vision clearly lets your unconscious mind know exactly what you expect and what resources it needs to make available to you. Once you’ve written out your full Sales Mindset Vision, condense all that emotion and detail into one sentence that captures the full essence of who you really are and what you will accomplish as the ultimate Sales Influencer. This will help keep your focus razor sharp no matter what situations and circumstances arise.


In order to get what you want in life, you have to know what you want in life. Now that you know your target – your Sales Mindset Vision – you can start or continue to make steady progress in that direction. 


You can use your new Sales Mindset to keep you focused and moving forward no matter what shows up in your daily life.


Identify past stumbling blocks and create solutions to keep you moving forward.


What are some stumbling blocks that have derailed your mindset or attitude in the past? Would hearing a series of “Nos” leave you feeling dejected? Have you struggled to handle objections? In the past, have you let the stresses of the day cause you to get frustrated with your customers? Think back to any calls or presentations that knocked you off your game. What were the specific events/situations/triggers that caused you to stop performing at the highest level? Write out at least three specific triggers. 


Any stumbling block that has prevented you from performing at your highest level in the past can be handled by your new Sales Mindset. Now that you’ve written out at least three of your past stumbling blocks to consistent high performance, it’s time to find a solution to each one.


Look at each stumbling block on your list individually. What result do you want instead? In order to get that new result, what would you have to believe? For example, if, in the past, a series of “Nos” made you want to give up, but instead, you want to keep going with all your energy in place, your new belief could be: Every “No” drives me even closer to the “Yes!” Make sure that belief is a part of your Sales Mindset.  For each of the stumbling blocks you listed, find a solution, a new result, and belief to add to your Sales Mindset.


Just as it’s important to know what is working well so you can continue that behavior, it’s also important to get clear about what’s NOT working so you can make intelligent adjustments. Your mindset is at work every minute of every day. The question is, what mindset is running the show? Is it a default attitude that waffles depending on what shows up, or is it your strong Sales Mindset that you deliberately created to get you everything you ever wanted from your career? Use your Sales Mindset to keep you focused on what’s possible.


You’ve created a powerful Sales Mindset. You know how to use that mindset to keep you focused and moving forward. But we’re all human. There will be times when you question what you’re doing and whether it’s all “worth it” or not. That’s ok. In fact, it’s an expected part of the growth process. 


To continue this growth process, the most successful business leaders throughout history have always been a part of high-level mastermind groups. A group they can learn from, share ideas with, help hone their skills, and continue the growth process. 


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