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Salespeople…We’re Not Interrogators, But We ARE Investigators

Salespeople…We’re Not Interrogators, But We ARE Investigators: Remember watching old movies, when someone was captured by the enemy? The captors would fire off question after question? The poor prisoner couldn’t get out his answer fast enough! So, he just stopped answering.

That’s how it feels when we’re cornered by a seller that is overzealous, has either had no training, or slept through the little training that they did have.

“What kind of car are you looking for?” “How many miles will you drive per year?” “How much can you afford per month?”

“Do you have a lender?” “How much are you prequalified to spend?” “Who’s listing your current house?”

Pow, Pow, POW! Incoming! DUCK! It’s like an assault!

Gathering information is an art. As in any art (think actors in movies, your first date, a first interview), notice how the recipient of the information pauses, takes it in, actually HEARS the giver of the answer.

What a difference! When we actually LISTEN, take it IN, relate to what’s been said, all of a sudden what needs to come next reveals itself…organically! Slow down! Hear (actually HEAR) the answer!

Now we’re getting somewhere! We have an interested, engaged listener who becomes more of a partner. An advocate who “gets it”, takes the interaction in an interesting direction, and elicits responses that REALLY get to the heart of the matter!

You’ll hear things and get nuggets that NO ONE else will hear…just by being genuinely interested, truly absorbed, and completely present with your client. It’s MAGIC!

About the Author: Melanie Lane is a Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer and Sales Professional. She is quite a hoot, being a former comedian, member of Second City Improv, and a Top Sales Closer. Wonder what RD stands for? Razzle Dazzle…because if you’re in Sales, you’re a performer!

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