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Selling From the Heart with Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is the author of “Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work Love, and Life,” as well as two other books.

how to sell from the heart
Formerly a Hollywood agent, Christine left that life to pursue a career as a keynote speaker, retreat facilitator, spiritual psychologist, podcaster, and life coach.

On the podcast, she discusses her journey from agent to life coach and how to sell from the heart.

How Did Christine Go From Hollywood Agent to Life Coach?

Christine’s career as a Hollywood agent was essentially a sales job, she explains. Her duties involved selling writers, producers, and actors. One of the things that drew her to this highly competitive career was being bullied as a child, which instilled in Christine a fire for overachieving.

However, she spent so much energy in this endeavor that she eventually burnt out. This led to her resigning. Not only was her job causing Christine stress, but she was having both family and economic troubles, which amplified her depression.

Just when she was at her lowest, she had an epiphany. If she had been the reason that everything in her life was wrong, then she could be the reason that everything could be righted. Christine stresses how vital this realization was in her life, as she could have fallen into the victimhood trap.

Once she was confident in her ability to steer her life in any direction she pleased, she pursued her interests by getting her Master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Once she had that, she officially became a life coach, started writing books, started a podcast, and started speaking at events.

One distinction that Christine makes clear is that her change came from the inside out, which, she believes, is necessary for understanding the extent of your own power.

What Advice Does Christine Have For People Who Go Into Sales?

Christine believes that sales can be a great way to develop a variety of new skills and to fine-tune your self-confidence.

But, perhaps, the most debilitating problem that many salespeople will run into is rejection. When rejection inevitably occurs, Christine recommends digging deep down into your psyche and discovering why the rejection is hurting you.

Once you identify the root cause, it becomes easier to address. Christine even uses a technique she calls the “empty chair process.” She places two chairs facing each other and alternates seats as she talks with her former self.

The mental change isn’t going to happen quickly, either. If you go from “I suck” to “I’m great” in an instant, your brain isn’t going to buy it. The process should be more gradual than that if it’s going to stick.

Another way to cushion the blow of rejection is not to wallow in your inadequacy, but to engage your curiosity. Ask the other person why they said no and try to understand where they’re coming from.

How Does Christine Approach Her Speaking Engagements?

Initially, Christine was focused on being like all the other speakers–she wanted to fit in and not to do anything that could be perceived as “wrong.” However, she ran into another speaker, Connie Padesta, who told Christine that she should throw out the script and just be herself.

After that, Christine stopped using PowerPoint presentations and stopped rehearsing speeches. Instead, she focused all her energy into connecting with the audience. However, that’s not to say that certain speeches on a specific topic didn’t require some research.

In fact, Christine believes that this same philosophy can extend to sales. Quite often, salespeople are obsessed with following formulas and guidelines, but if they approached their work from a more personal, authentic point of view, they would have more success.

This is a trend currently sweeping the marketing and advertising fields. Companies are realizing that connecting with consumers on a personal level is the new frontier, especially with social media.

What’s the Most Important Thing That a Salesperson Can Know?

Christine believes that before making that phone call or having that meeting, you should take a deep breath and “drop into your heart.” What she means by this is to connect with yourself on a deeply personal level, so you can connect with others on that same level.

It always starts with you. In other words, it’s impossible to engage with others if you can’t even engage with yourself. Just as Christine found in her own life, the most influential changes come from within — not without.

While many might see sales as smooth-talking someone into giving up their money, that’s a toxic frame of mind. It’s important to view sales as a win-win situation. You’re pulling in business and the customers are obtaining a service.

You’re adding value to the customer’s life, not taking something away from him or her. Not only is understanding this vital for your success as a salesperson, but it’s vital for your mental health. If you believe your career is inherently duplicitous, then toxic thoughts will arise.

Where Can You Hear More of Christine’s Ideas?

Every March, Christine has a retreat, which you can find out more about on her website,

Also on her website is a free coaching assessment, online courses, meditations, and a journal that can help you change your behavior.

If life coaching episodes are something you’re interested in, you can listen to Christine’s podcast, which is called “Over and On With It.”

Find her on usual social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

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