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Selling in a connected world

Is too much information diluting your value proposition?

Today’s customers are digitally sauve, connected individuals with a wealth of information at their finger tips. In addition to the traditional media like newspapers and magazines, online portals and new media like Facebook, LinkedIn opens up new avenues for information, opinions and experience sharing. While the reliability of such information is debatable, it remains a hard fact that even a WhatsApp forward can influence product selection.

Leaving the customer to do their own evaluation is a huge risk that could significantly diminish the chances of selling the product. A competitor engaging the customer with the right messages pushes us to a even more precarious situation.

It becomes imperative for every sales person to have deep relations and ultra engagement with prospects, build relationship and trust to gain the mantle of the trusted business advisor.

It takes significant effort to gain in-depth knowledge on product, market, competition, customer unique traits, Industry trends and build a tailored and convincing messaging to the customer.

However its an effort worth spending – not only to close sales but to build trust and confidence. Even if one of the pursuits is lost it leaves the sales person in a more confidant and knowledgeable person. He can build his reputation and establish close ties with decision makers.

Listening to customer, performing comprehensive search to ensure that there is continuous positive messaging to customer executives significantly improves feasibility and probability of sales success

Connect to customer with confidence and commitment to win in today’s connected world.

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