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Positive Mental attitude of Sales professional

Positive Mental Attitude
“None can destroy Iron but its own rust can! Likewise, none can destroy a person but his own mindset can …” Ratan Tata
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchil
As rusting happens by support of humidity and oxygen, and we paint the iron to prevent it. Similarly our mindset gets affected because sometimes we come in contact with evil and negativity. To prevent it there is no other way than guard your mind against any negative thoughts. Keep on removing any negative thoughts as Gardner regularly removes weeds from his garden. Your mind is your garden. Your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Choice is yours. Guard your mind against any negative thoughts. The moment it comes then switch to any positive thoughts. At one moment you can have only one thought. Make habit to avoid negative thoughts and think positively. There is famous old adage “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”
Sales depends more upon the attitude of the sales professional than that of the prospect. There is very commonly used story by many sales managers: Two salesmen went to Africa, both went to sell shoes in different parts of the same country. They both saw villagers without shoes. One immediately sent a message back to his manager saying “There is no market here. Nobody wears shoes and hence I am coming back”.
The other sent a message saying, “Get ready for big sales, there is huge market here. Nobody wears shoes and we can make everyone wear them. Gear up production.” You can’t change the world, but you can change how you perceive it and how you react to it.
Good sales professional always think positive and remain optimist. He always sees half glass of water as half full not half empty. Mind management is the essence of life management. See the glass as half full — Then fill it the rest of the way.
Your attitude towards your job can determine whether your days are filled with excitement and the sense of fulfillment that comes from top performance or with frustration, boredom and fatigue.
Whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your own self fulfilling prophecy. Your expectations exert an undue influence on the people around you. Your expectation, determine your attitude and your attitude determines how you treat other people. The rule with regard to expectations is to always expect the best. Expect that people will like you. Look forward to people being attracted to your product or service. Incorporate an attitude of positive expectancy into your sales activities and people will treat you better as you expected. You will also make more sales.
But when you make the mistake of negatively prejudging a prospect, you lose your enthusiasm. Your attitude comes across as that of someone who doesn’t really believe in the sale or the prospect’s ability to buy what you are selling. The prospect picks up this attitude from you and fulfills your prophecy. He declines to buy.
Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. The only limitation is limitation in your mind. Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who allow themselves to become failure conscious. You have the power to control your thoughts.
You can’t live a positive life, with a negative mind. Lewis Howes nicely said,”Life is better if you develop an attitude of gratitude”. An attitude of gratitude means making it habit to express thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of your life, on a regular basis, for both the big and small things alike. Easy steps to develop positive mental attitude are
1. Acknowledge yourself for what you have done and accomplished in the last day/week/month/year. Instead of comparing yourself to others, give yourself credit for the big and small things you have been doing.
2. Start a gratitude journal. Express gratitude in this journal every night by noting the things that you are grateful for.
3. Acknowledge other people and thank them for inspiring/helping/supporting you. Oftentime people wait their whole lives to be acknowledged.
4. Always expect the best.

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