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Shopify Marketing: 10 Incredibly Effective Tactics to Boost Sales

Who doesn’t want to increase sales, traffic on the web, and conversions? Everyone right, but what restricts them from doing so? Even after trying the basic strategy, you can still find it challenging which tactics suit you. But why not try ten incredibly effective tactics to boost sales and enhance traffic like anything. 

These tools and tactics are especially for e-commerce business (online business). e-commerce marketing function to promote your online brand and drive more traffic with generic buyers and retaining them for a longer time as loyal customers. These are themselves having a range of techniques to generate a purchase from buyers, enhance cumulative buying, and increase excessive buying chances. A good selection of marketing strategies will also help you estimate the reach and revenue. 

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Try experimenting with these amazing techniques for a few weeks and witness your conversions going higher; figure out which works best for you. Let’s check them out!

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy  

A competitive pricing strategy is a technique that allows retailers to set their online pricing according to the competition. Trends set by competitors in the market rule the pricing rather than demand-supply rule or other costs, such as manufacturing cost and packaging cost 

It can be understood as pricing is the most important P of marketing, other than Presenting your Products. In online shopping, price matters the most because they can scroll and choose within the category at different price rates. Being able to stand out and offer the prices that appeal to the customer and maintain the quality will keep your customer loyal to your brand.

  • SEO-Driven Content 

SEO is a new-age marketing tool to rank your website page on top of search engine results. Can readily exhibit SEO tools and techniques in creating content and blogging. If you make more pages of your particular brand content, it will help you achieve rank more easily. More generic customers towards your brand lead to organic traffic. 

Such content pieces about your brand product can spread awareness of your products, their uses, and the possible problem they will face?

  • Leverage Influencer Marketing

This might be new terminology to some businesses, but there have been advancements in every area; marketing concepts have also been modified. Those people on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and other apps with massive following influence peoples’ (followers) choices. And this impacts higher sales and increased traffic to websites if done promptly. Therefore catch the opportunity to engage them in your product line by collaboration, and sponsorship, etc.

Influencers endorsing your brands create your product to be viewed more, websites to be clicked more often leads to more customers. 

  • Giveaways/ Discounts/ Promo Code

These are the methods to maximize your reach within people who don’t like half-price products. Customers will get a treat, and you will build brand awareness; more people will get to know about your product. 

Little boosts like these may help you gain a little more audience but you have to make sure that the audience is relative to your niche. You will have to filter where to market your giveaways, discounts and promo codes.

  • Improve Email System 

Making customers subscribing to your website is not all you need; you need to make them feel valued. Sending them a welcome email, update with what’s happening related to your brand. And most importantly, Send cart abandonment emails to allow them to check out with the purchase on time. Most customers just fill in a cart with your brand and leave it there; sending them cart abandonment emails keeps them aware of the purchase they were about to make.

  • Make Engagement Through Live Sessions 

The other way to enhance engagement with your customer is to do live sessions; live sessions allow you to have a one-to-one conversation with your customers. Will answer Product specifications and other questions about the product, including customer concerns, accordingly. 

  • Convert Instagram Feed Into Instant Shopping 

More than fifty per cent of customers will be missed if you don’t bother to convert your social media page, especially Instagram, into an instant shopping Centre. Interactive feed displaying your product will gain more potential buyers, then modify your bio with links and orders through that page. 

  • Get More Reviews 

With an Instagram business page and influencers promoting/ showcasing your product is doing their work, the potential customer will still do their research before purchasing. So asking for a review will be add-on credibility, and they will trust those reviews because they were also buyers. Buyers’ perspectives will be more considered and valued before clicking on the checkout button. In contrast, the nasty customers will leave their bad remarks there, so encouraging buyers to leave a positive one is essential. Or, if that is very time-consuming, then the rating option should be there for instant feedback.

  • Upsell / Add On 

The traditional way to increase your stores’ revenue is to generate new customers, make existing customers buy more, and increase size per order. Giving a complimentary item to the purchase made by the customers will keep them and engage more.  

  • Personalized Product 

Lastly, the high-impact way of engaging is to facilitate the customer with personalized products. As per some studies, personalization can increase sales by up to 10%, even getting high with constant efforts. But unfortunately, only 15% of the companies are using this technique to its max.

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These strategies can be used on and off as per the trend to drive more traffic to your brand. A comprehensive marketing strategy helps build brand awareness, bring new and loyal customers, honest reviews and ultimately increase conversion with more revenues.
You can also expand your online brand reach with Shopify SEO Company for marketing tools and techniques. 

Consequently, selecting the proper techniques per your business size, industry, and requirement brings a huge impact. A great example is Sephora, a name from a big cosmetics company that is undoubtedly a pioneer among all cosmetic brands. Used the social media chat box to facilitate customers by answering their queries and selecting articles from their choices online. This resulted in the company making a massive number of transactions worth $920 just by completing the purchase online from their homes.

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Samantha Palmer is a content writer and marketing consultant at EWritingPro. Love to writing my opinion on different topics like marketing, business, health, and writing.