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Smart as Opposed to Hard: How Sales Automation Software is Recreating the Professional Business Community

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Traditional aspects such a developing a rapport with the prospect and appreciating the needs of the average client have always represented some of the keys to success. However, it is also important to recall that we now live within the digital age.

Well-known methods must be augmented with modern strategies if you hope to take the success of your business to the next level. Therefore, a growing number of professional firms are choosing to implement bespoke sales automation software systems. To understand the advantages that these platforms have to offer, it is first wise to identify some of the challenges which modern sales teams face daily.

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What Issues Must Sales Professionals Overcome?

Whether referring to B2C (business-to-client) or B2B (business-to-business) sales, the simple fact of the matter is that time is money in the frenetic digital age. It is therefore slightly ironic that recent studies have found that in-house sales professionals spend (on average) 37 per cent of their workday selling.

In most cases, sales professionals are forced to multitask to tackle other responsibilities such as data entry and sending emails to prospects. Not only can this quickly sap the motivation of a sales team, but the chances are high that less revenue will be generated. We can now begin to understand why modern sales automation software platforms represent the next step forward in terms of targeted digital efficiency. It is still a good idea to address some frequently asked questions to fully appreciate what is in store.

How Can Data Entry Tasks Be Tackled?

Anyone who has worked a traditional sales job understands data entry is an extremely time-consuming process. The issue here is that even the most advanced customer relationship management (CRM) systems will normally require a great deal of experience to expedite the processes themselves. Ultimately, this may require sales experts to focus their energies on the wrong direction; detracting from their ability to close lucrative deals.

Sales automation software can streamline most responsibilities that would have otherwise needed to be performed manually. Furthermore, these software packages can be seamlessly integrated with existing CRM bundles. This reduces any in-house downtime that might otherwise occur.

Can Sales Automation Software Reduce Errors?

Mistakes will inevitably be made from time to time. This is even more relevant when examining the demands placed upon a sales team that is required to meet challenging targets. Some of the most common errors include:

    • Failing to update client information.
    • Incorrect contact details.
    • Outdated email addresses and/or phone numbers.
    • The inability to collate qualified leads.
    • Issues with customer service.

As we all know, even small errors can lead to massive pipeline problems. Automated sales software helps to ensure that no mistakes are made across the way; particularly when referring to information that needs to be shared across multiple parties or instances when duplicate data is entered into fields across multiple documents.

Can Sales Automation Software Adapt to Different Styles of Selling?

Variety is the spice of life within the digital community. This is why every professional is associated with his or her unique selling style. Transactional, aggressive, strategic, and bureaucratic are four common examples. Will modern software solutions be able to adapt to accommodate the needs of different professionals?

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The short answer is yes, as these packages are designed to immediately generate important details such as client information and CRM records. Once again, the professional in question can thereafter return his or her focus to the project at hand. Those who can fully embrace their selling style are more likely to generate a higher profit margin.

Can Activities Unrelated to Sales Still be Logged?

One misconception associated with sales automation software is the belief that tasks not related to client engagement are not relevant. On the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most impressive traits of quality platforms involves their ability to handle a host of ancillary responsibilities with superior levels of efficiency. Examples include:

  • Sent and received emails.
  • Deals that have already been closed.
  • Which clients require a callback.
  • Automated email generation.

Sales representatives who can address these issues will be able to free up a significant portion of their time. Levels of in-house productivity are thereafter be increased to unprecedented levels.

Can This Software Be Used To Gather Big Data?

“Big data” has become one of the most relevant catchphrases in these modern times. Due in no small part to the sheer amount of information that exists across the ether of the Internet, it is now possible to glean an amazing amount of insight into a specific buyer persona. To put this trend into perspective, it has been shown that the use of big data can increase ROI (return on investment) levels by up to four per cent.

Automated sales platforms can collect, interpret, collate, and present big data concisely. Sales professionals can therefore leverage this information within real-time scenarios. Not only is this extremely important when uncovering qualified leads but understanding audience preferences can help to transform a prospect into a customer.

How Can Automated Software Help My Team Better Manage Their Qualified Leads?

There is no doubt that software as a service (SaaS) can help to enhance the in-house efficiency of any sales team. In some ways, this approach serves to separate professional sales floors from their decidedly amateurish counterparts. Sales automation software can provide a centralised and scalable architecture that can often be adapted around the needs of the organisation in question. This is extremely critical in terms of managing qualified leads for future reference. Otherwise, lucrative prospects may simply slip through the proverbial “cracks”.

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Sales automation software is here to stay. If you are keen to increase your return on investment (ROI) while leveraging the talents of your employees, implementing these solutions will offer quantifiable results in no time at all.

About the author

Paul Towler is the Technical Operations Director at SmartOffice, an office automation provider part of the Cantec Group in Ireland. Office automation has been recreating the professional community since its existence and is growing in all areas of business, especially within the sales community.