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Social Commerce: The Secret To A Successful Ecommerce Shop

In the simplest of terms, social commerce can be defined as the integration of shopping with social media. It is the strategy that businesses are using to sell products through social media sites such as Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, to mention but a few. Many brands have already started integrating with social networks, which is why those elusive Amazon promotions keep popping up in your Facebook News feed more and more often. This means that Amazon is using Facebook as a channel to attract more customers and expand their overall reach.

Shoppers, on the other hand, can purchase from these sites without necessarily having to click the company’s website, and it’s the new way for companies to chase consumers. Ecommerce is a rapidly growing trend and its success is highly dependent on how effectively a company or brand makes use of social commerce.

Here are a few tips that are useful for effective social commerce performance.

Make Use Of Different Social Media Channels

According to Shopify, Facebook is the key player in terms of driving traffic and sales as compared to the other social sites. Twitter closely follows it, Pinterest, Google+ and the rest follow. All the same, relying on a single social site or the popular ones alone can be misleading. Companies should reach out to consumers through various platforms, since there are still prospect customers who are not members of the major social media sites.

Establish A Good Social Relationship

Social commerce is not just about using social media to boost sales, but also a system that allows you to establish a good relationship with your online consumers. Be prompt to respond to their queries and inform them of any changes about your products. If there is a misunderstanding or a complaint from a client, an apology will also show that you are concerned about their satisfaction.

Invest In Social Commerce

For a positive social commerce campaign, be ready to invest both your time and finance. While the results may not resonate immediately, you will be grateful that you took the risk later on. You can, for instance, make use of Facebook ads to market your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Why should you use social commerce in your business?

It Will Help Build Your Brand

The whole world has gone digital, and thousands of consumers are searching for products online. You, therefore, cannot afford to miss an online presence regardless of the kind of business you do. Your social media presence is in itself a marketing strategy for your brand.

It Increases Engagement With Your Audience

You can easily relate and engage with your customers on social media platforms. That way, they can comment on your posts, and by their reactions you will know what they feel about your products.

Improved Customer Service

Customers feel more comfortable seeking help through social media platforms rather than sending emails or making a call. If you make proper use of your social media sites, you will be able to address a lot of customer related issues at a faster rate.

Increased Sales

This is the ultimate goal for every business and whether it is achieved or not solely depends on how effectively you implement your social commerce plan. Once you have an established online presence and adequately marketed your products, the results should start reflecting on your profits.

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