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Social Sites tab added to member profile


When the social media links were recently added to our articles, we found Twitter had a feature to recommend someone to “follow” after a Tweet was made. It only made sense that if you’re tweeting about an author’s article, you may want to follow the author on Twitter. To add the feature, we had to know the author’s Twitter account name, so we made it part of the user profile.

But we didn’t stop there. Act right now and you can see TWO social media sites in your user profile for the price of one.

Wait, there’s more. Since you’re such special members, we added a third site at no additional cost. That’s right, you get THREE social media sites.

It just gets better. View it in the next 30 minutes (or more) and you’ll see FOUR sites. Google+ is in the house.

From your MyProfile page, click “Edit My Profile” then the “Social Sites” tab. In addition to specifying site information, you can also choose whether or not you want those sites to show on your public profile page. Link away!

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