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Steve Peters, the England World Cup Squad – and You

Steve Peters, the England World Cup Squad – and You: The World Cup is looming. That thought will fill you with massive anticipation…or complete dread!

This time round there’s a new member of the England Team…who won’t kick a ball for the whole of the tournament. His name is Steve Peters and he will be going to Brazil as the England team psychologist — you can read more in this recent article.

The England management team have identified just how important it is for the players to have the right mindset if they are to achieve their potential in the tournament.

What about your mindset?
How often do you focus on YOU? You too should be ensuring you’ve got the mindset you need to get success in your role.

Imagine you or your team being able to quickly and easily conjure up the necessary elements for success – confidence, determination, calmness, or anything else that’s needed, at will…whenever it’s needed.

You can!
It’s with a technique called ‘anchoring’. Anchoring allows you to take those success traits you feel and experience when you’re at your best – and resurrect them when you’re not!

My preferred anchoring technique is the ‘Circle of Excellence’. It’s easy, fun and works with everyone. Try it out, go with it – and let me know how you get on.
Here we go…

The Circle of Excellence
First, find a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed.
Think of a resource you would like to have immediate access to in the future. This could be confidence, calmness, determination…anything.

Think back to a time when you demonstrated this very resource in the past. Relive that experience in detail. Then associate a colour with that state.

Now imagine an invisible circle on the floor in front of you. Paint it the colour you just chose. Make it about 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in front of you. Now add whatever you’d like into the circle that represents or supports that wonderful state you want to replicate. Do whatever you need to do, add whatever you need to add, so that your circle is as perfect as it can be.

Think of situations…
…in the past where you have possessed, and used, huge amounts of the very resource you now want to access. Think of at least 3 past events where you displayed the very traits that you want to bring into your circle of excellence. Really associate into the experiences. What were you doing? What were you saying? How were you feeling? What were you seeing? See yourself in the circle being magnificent and exhibiting these qualities.

When you have built up your circle, step into it and experience the multiple effect of having those resources again here and now. Feel your power! Really enjoy yourself.

Step out of the circle.

Check with yourself…
…do you need to add anything to your circle? Add whatever you want to further build up those resources that you need.

Step back into the circle and notice how you feel again. Really ramp up the feeling. Imagine you have a dial that increases the intensity and turn it up as much as you can stand!

Then…pick up your circle and put it somewhere that you can access…maybe an imaginary pocket. You can call it your resource pocket…and know that you have access to it whenever you need it. When you do need it, roll out the circle in front of you, step into it, and feel your power and resources increase straight away as you conjure up the necessary elements for your sales success!

You don’t need to be a member of the England World Cup Squad to experience the magic of the mindset.

It’s all about the psychology of selling.

Until next time.


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