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Tenacity Is Key If You Want To Sell More Now

For the last few days I have been having a long weekend staying in Grassmere in the Lake District. Beautiful. And for once the weather has been beautiful too. Mid afternoon today I was sitting drinking a tea in Bowness by Lake Windermere and a little family (Mum, Dad, two year old boy) arrived to have refreshments too. They looked hot, thirsty and ready for tea. Mum sat down and Dad asked her what she wanted. “Tea,” she replied. He then turned to the boy, “Robert, what would you like?”

The two year old, wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt and still standing up puffed his chest out, looked his Dad in the eye and stated, “Feed ducks!” Dad looked straight back at him and asked again, “What would you like to drink?”

“Feed ducks,” came back the reply.

“We can feed the ducks afterwards Robert but we are sitting down for a nice drink now, what would you like?”

“Feed ducks,” Robert shot back decisively and like a boy who was not to be messed with.

“Robert, we are having a drink now so sit down and tell Daddy what you would like,” said Mum.

“Feed ducks,” retorted Robert.

“Robert, we are having a drink now,” said Mum, “If you don’t behave yourself there will be trouble.” “Yes Robert,” agreed Dad, “Decide now or you will be sorry.”

“Feed ducks.”

“Robert, if you don’t behave we won’t have a drink,” said Mum.

“Feed ducks.”

Various items were picked up off the table, Mum stood up and Robert and the family disappeared off towards the edge of the lake where they stood peacefully and Robert got to… feed ducks.

As a motivational speaker and sales training consultant I see a lot of salespeople every day who could do with a shot of Robert’s tenacity and persistence. In sales seminars, I see a lot of salespeople who could do with a jolt of Robert’s determination and purity of focus. Robert got what he wanted by deciding what it was and then taking action until he achieved it. It wasn’t clever, it wasn’t pretty but it worked.

And a lot of salespeople and business builders that I know could do with being a bit more like Robert.

Too many salespeople spend their lives looking for a reason why they cannot ask for the deal, why now is not the time to close and why the client might say no. In my sales seminars, I teach cutting-edge sales techniques that take the pressure off your prospect and help them to make the right decisions for them. I help salespeople to get away from ABC (Always Be Closing) and apply truly consultative selling techniques and strategies…

But as Robert demonstrated, selling is all about tenacity and persistence and sometimes it doesn’t matter how you do it, you just have to take action.

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