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Thanks-Giving 101

A Better Holiday Greeting

This Thanksgiving, why don’t you take the time to send an email of thanks to your customers, potential customers, and supportive contacts before you rush out the door for your turkey dinner with family and friends?

All too often, we forget that we wouldn’t have the success we’ve had without people along the way clearing the path in front of us, or sometimes even cleaning up behind us. There are also often invisible angels who speak kind words and send referrals our way without us even being aware of them.

Rather than sending the standard wreath-encased photo next month touting your year’s accomplishments, it is probably more meaningful to talk about what new ways you will be able to support your customers in the coming New Year as a big thank you for their patronage. Plus, getting it out early and first sets you apart.

One can never say thank you too often. Especially in sales.

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