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The 5 Keys to Success

Do you want to know what lies behind pretty much every business success story? Look closely at any successful business, project, campaign, launch…you name it…there are just 5 key steps at play. I call them…The 5 Keys to Success

The “5 Keys” is a template you can use anywhere, anytime, to help with anything from developing a company strategy, a sales visit to a networking event and all points in between. I use it virtually everyday — and I highly recommend it.

The 5 Keys

Step 1 — Know your outcome

You must know your target. Decide what you want — and be as specific as possible. This tells your brain exactly what you’re expecting, encouraging your unconscious mind to focus on it. It isn’t enough to have vague goals like ‘I want to be wealthy’ or ‘I want more sales’. Being clear about exactly what you want will make it easier for you to know when you’ve achieved it. State your goals in the positive for example ‘I want $x in sales by the end of this month’.

Step 2 — Take action

The biggest barrier to success is not taking action. It’s obvious yet it is the step most often neglected. Take action. Do anything to create some momentum. If you find yourself procrastinating — ask yourself ‘what’s the benefit of staying exactly where I am’. By exploring your thoughts, you’ll be able to identify your own reasons that justify doing nothing. So do something…anything…that takes you a step closer to what you want.

Step 3 — Be aware

Notice. Be curious. Notice the impact of the actions you’ve taken. What’s going well? What’s not? Measuring the impact of your actions will tell you what’s working and what is not. How are things going compared with your projection? Feedback is information is power, if you use it. What are you doing with all this feedback coming in?

Step 4 — Be flexible

If what you’re doing isn’t working — do something else. How flexible can you be? Keep trying different things until you start getting the results you want. Remember to keep focussing on what you want. Remember that that you have to do what works for your customers…and not you! This doesn’t mean compromising on your own values or ethics. It’s about you understanding other people’s perspectives…you don’t always have to agree with them.

Step 5 — Rapport

It’s absolutely critical to establish and maintain rapport with others throughout the process. When things are going well and you’re relating to someone instinctively, then everything is fine and you have no problem.
When there is a lack of rapport the situation becomes more challenging.
Developing your rapport building skills will enhance and support the other keys to your
sales success.

So simple — and massively effective!

You can use this template as a forward planning technique…or you can use it retrospectively if you’re looking to reflect how something went, for example “Did we set our outcome correctly” “Were those the right actions” ” What did we notice” and so on.

Honestly, it really is that simple. Keep these 5 keys in front of you until they become habit — and notice how you become more structured, more proactive…and much more successful.


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Until next time.


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