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The Best Sales Approach

The Holy Grail. The Meaning of Life. The Fountain of Youth. The Best Sales Approach.


The last item in the line above may not evoke the same levels of passion as the first few, but sales professionals around the world, and throughout all time have all wondered – what sales approach will earn them more success, more income and more customers?

But before searching for anything, wouldn’t you agree that you should first make sure that that which you seek, actually exists?



What is a Sales Approach?


Your sales approach is defined and governed by the general attitude and feelings about your position, your employer, your opportunities for success, your customers and your belief in your sales skills.


People in every industry and in every walk of walk have an approach to their jobs and to their lives. One person may approach their life with an optimistic viewpoint where every cloud has a silver lining. Others may approach their jobs are a labor of love while another may approach their professional life as nothing more than labor for labor’s sake.


An approach is the general attitude that you hold both consciously and subconsciously when you approach something that you repeatedly do. And though approaches are malleable, you tend to return to your most familiar approach.


The best sales approach is Integrity

Integrity means that you are honest to not only your customers, but to your employer, co-workers, managers and, most importantly to yourself. Living with integrity means that you view your words as your commitment to whom the words are spoken. Living with integrity means that you understand your strengths, acknowledge your areas of improvement and never allow the opinions of others to sway you away from your values.



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Why is integrity is the best possible sales approach?


Simply because I have seen so many sales professionals try to be someone they are not, and have seen most of them fail.

I have seen countless sales reps misrepresent their product or service only to have their lack of honesty erode their reputation to the point that they were forced to change to a different industry. I have seen many who approach sales as a job that would pay the bills until a “real job” comes available.

I have seen some who approach their lives and sales career with honesty, respect for their customers and respect for themselves. They live and work with integrity as their core value.


While not all achieve the highest levels of success and not all stay in the sales industry for their entire careers. But while they are in the sales industry, they make the entire career better by the way they approach sales.



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