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The Cold Call: The Entrepreneur’s Achilles’ Heel?

Entrepreneurs have vision, passion, and know-how. I’m proud to be one. You’ve worked hard to open your new business yet clients are not streaming in as planned. Maybe there’s not even a dribble. If your baby is going to succeed you must address The Cold Call. The cold call is the Achilles’ heel for many entrepreneurs.

Maybe you thought sales calls were not going to be a problem. Entrepreneurs are often dumbfounded by the inexplicable anxiety associated with call resistance.

You have expertise, skills, creativity, integrity and drive. How can the idea of making a cold call have the power stop you in your tracks? I stood in those shoes over 25 years ago and it was a nightmare.

In my universe of clients there were 150 casualty insurance companies who had the capacity to use my services. I opened an independent adjusting company in the Chicago area. In my first month I called every company.

Each one said, “No” or ‘Send me some information’. Ouch! It took me weeks to make calls that should have taken two days tops.

If those companies didn’t give me casualty claims to investigate my new company would be out of business.

I felt pathetic. The entrepreneurial spirit is about doing whatever-it-takes to make a business succeed. I started reading sales training books. I took sales training seminars and rapidly made changes to my approach. By the end of my first year I had 35 clients and was on top of the world. Cold calls were painful drudgery but no one has to suffer through that agony in this day and age.

The cold call was a vital component to getting my clients. Cold calling helped my company grow into a resounding success. Calling anxiety followed me to Colorado. After selling my company I took time off to enjoy raising my son. Then I was a single Mom juggling motherhood and a new career as an Executive Recruiter. Recruiting requires sales skills and cold calls are part of the daily routine.

Flash forward twenty years. Today I train recruiters and write eBooks. I’ve found the perfect answer to call resistance. If you hide from cold calling you may cripple your livelihood. The solution to dissolving anxiety and insecurities is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT worked miracles in my life when I believed I was home free, as they say.

EFT is an energy therapy. Neuro-Science has proven we hold traumatic memories within us. Both large and small events can impact our performance in the present. Outdated emotions don’t mature and block energy.

Growing up caregivers may have advised us, “Don’t talk to strangers”. Good advice designed to keep us safe. We all learned to follow the rules, right? “It’s dangerous to talk to strangers” may still be an internalized message. Logically, as adults we know that directive does not apply to our situation. Emotionally, if we feel anxious every time it’s time to make a call. The EFT process can erase old ideas and outdated emotions and replace them with ones that support us.

EFT uses a tapping sequence. Tapping specific acupoints on our body sends vibrations through our energy meridian system and energy blockages dissolve. The results are astounding. Research shows once those destructive emotions disappear, it’s best to fill the void with fresh ideas that support us today.

Thousands of healing practices around the world have been using EFT for years with astonishing success. EFT is easy to learn and self-administered. The beauty of EFT is once learned it can be modified to address any issue holding you back from the life you want. EFT works exquisitely. You don’t have to trace the fear or anxiety back to a single event. If I had known about EFT 25 years ago, my life would have been tremendously easier!

Don’t deny internal discomfort. Don’t suffer. Don’t ‘power through’ emotionally draining tasks. Don’t let the cold call be your Achilles’ heel. Incorporate EFT into your routine. Start tapping your way to prosperity. Listen to your body. Trust your intuition. EFT is a must-have tool for any entrepreneur’s tool kit. You started your business to turn your dream into a reality. With the support of EFT everything you desire is within reach!

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