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The Making of an Ultimate Performance

The Making of an Ultimate Performer
Recently, 45 highly motivated, Detroit residents competed for 12 slots in the “Are You UP” Ultimate Performer challenge. These people competed for a slot in the audition, in part, by completing the Seller Style Survey and demonstrating their motivation to compete for the title of Ultimate Performer in Detroit.
The 45 people spent a full day listening to Master Motivators teach them what it takes to be an Ultimate Performer. Mixed in with these lessons, they were challenged to perform in high-pressure situations such as taking 60 seconds to persuade judges why they are Ultimate Performers and influencing blindfolded persons through a maze.
By mid-afternoon, the 45 persons were reduced to 25 semi-finalists. These 25 were given a brief time to prepare a short “sales presentation” using a marketing product unfamiliar to them. Most performed very well and it was difficult to reduce that number to the final 12. But, at the end of a very long day, 12 people remained.
While all participants are very special people who were willing to take some incredible risks that day, we want to see how these 45 persons differed from the hundreds of people who registered and completed some of the tasks (but not enough to qualify for the audition).
Using the analysis of variance statistic, we learned that those qualifying for the audition scored higher on the following Seller Style Survey:

* Visionary Seller (energizers and motivators, future-oriented, growth-inspiring sellers who generate excitement and interest in their products and services)
* Competitive Seller (sales professionals who are driven to winning sales and looking like successful salespersons, these people are very confident of their abilities and turn most activities into a contest to be won)
* Driven Seller (sales professionals who are internally motivated, always seeking to better themselves and their performance; they are goal-setters and task-accomplishers)
* Value Seller (sales professionals who are committed to coaching, mentoring, and supporting others; these professionals balance their needs to make sales with looking out for the best interests of their customers)

In addition, those auditioning scored lower on the Order Taker dimension (sales professionals who are more order takers than sales professionals; they are very reluctant to ask for a sale, are anxious and uncertain).
We repeated the analysis of variance statistic to learn what characteristics differentiate the 12 Finalists chosen from the other participants. We found that, in addition to the above characteristics, the 12 Finalists scored lower on the Order Taker and Obedient Seller (sales professionals who are obedient and complacent; they’re motivated to maintaining the status quo and not “rocking the boat”) dimensions.
For those who have completed the Seller Style Survey and would like to learn how they can develop their sales styles to become the next Ultimate Performer, please consider signing up for the Certification Training — Certified Professional Sales Person — Level 1. This is an excellent step toward achieving the Goal of being an Ultimate Performer.
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