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The Performance Formula: All Together Now Belief/Focus Capability Strategy = RESULTS

The Performance Formula – The fourth and final component of integrating new habits and patterns that are consistent with your vision is measuring the results. Results are broken down into steps so you can appreciate what you’ve accomplished and reward yourself. Then you move on to the next level of results.

Consider the 5 R Process (Results, Reasons, Responses, Reconditioning, and Recreation) to help you or your people start moving closer to the ultimate result you’re striving for.

You have to write out the 5 Rs in a given area and then take specific actions to integrate the changes that move them closer to that goal. Here’s a description of each of the 5 Rs:

Results – Habits were created by an unconscious result that they were after. A habit is nothing more than something they do unconsciously that they feel comfortable with. All of your actions are moving you toward an outcome (a goal). You want to design a clear cut result/goal in order to create a new habit.

Reasons – All habits were created to satisfy an emotional desire. For example, some people smoke because they felt insignificant and now they fit into a group and feel short-term significance. The problem is they’ve created a long-term negative habit. You must create conscious reasons to prepare yourself to go through the Deception that will come in developing your new habit. Reasons create long-term follow through. When you find you are off-track or sabotaging yourself, you need to look back at your reasons for wanting to change.

Roles – All habits are attached to a person’s psychological roles (e.g., you can be a strong and assertive analyst and a weak manager). These roles make up your identity. You want to attach the results you want to a role and then follow the cycle through the process to reach the Identity that is worthy of your results.

Responses – These are the automatic actions that we take on a daily basis to move us toward a result in our life. When people go to a seminar and read a book on new responses that will get new results, they make the mistake of taking new actions without removing the automatic responses that are already there (unconscious automatic responses). This is why so many people fall short of breaking through. You must wash away the old before you implement the new.

Reconditioning – You want to take small steps in order to change your unconscious automatic responses. For example, if you go to a seminar and learn that your new responses should be to run 30 minutes a day on a treadmill and you’ve never been able to follow through, your reconditioning will be to run 5 minutes every day. That way you won’t feel much or any pain and you’ll be able to slip past your unconscious mind and recondition the old with the new. You can use the principles of commitment and consistency to build the new, desired habit.

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