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The Problem with Closing Sales

Becoming a top producer in sales is not a knowledge issue. It is a consistency issue.

If you were consistently doing the things you already know you should be doing, your income and career would already be exceptional. But little things seem to get in your way, and although you temporarily make some changes for the better, after a short time you find yourself falling back into your old routine. You can’t seem to make the changes stick.

For example, you know you need to make more calls to your customers. You even do it for a few days, but before long you stop making the extra calls.

You know you need to slow down your sales process and take more time with your prospects before recommending solutions. And you do just that on the next couple of leads, but before you know it you are hurrying through the process again and “dropping off proposals”.

You know you need to do a better job of finding new customers. You even spend a couple of days prospecting like there is no tomorrow, but after the initial burst of activity you quickly revert to your old ways of waiting for someone to call you.

You know you need to spend more time with your prospects explaining why your product and service is better than your competition. You even have a couple of great calls, but soon you are back to matching your competition’s low price and complaining that no one cares about quality.

You know you need to study and implement a sales process to grow your company. You even look into a new sales training program, but ultimately you decide to wait. So your sales staff continue to flounder and “wing it”, burning lead after lead.

Like I said: It’s not a knowledge issue. It’s a consistency issue.

This is what I call “The Conundrum of Human Nature” – knowing what you need to do to create wealth and prosperity in your life and business and not doing it.
Most sales professionals know what they need to do to build a prosperous sales career. The question is whether or not they are doing those things on a consistent basis. The people who are making the most money don’t know anything the people making the least money don’t know. They may, however, be doing a few things on a consistent basis that you are not.

Knowing what you need to do to succeed in sales is simply not enough to create wealth and prosperity. Unless you take consistent action towards what you want and do what you know you should be doing, your true potential in sales will remain just out of reach.

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