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The Real Reason You Can’t Sell

In the 20 or so years that I’ve been doing sales training, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons people say they “can’t” sell, from “I’m really shy” to “I’m terrible on the phone” to “I’m just naturally bad at it!”

I’ll be really honest with you: you’ll always be able to think of a reason that you “can’t” do something. And as one of my favourite quotes says, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right!”

It all comes down to the TFAR cycle

The TFAR cycle is the way that your thoughts create your feelings, which in turn lead to your actions, which create your results, which reinforce your thoughts. Sound a little abstract? Let’s consider an example. Imagine that you absolutely hate picking up the phone. You have the thought, “Picking up the phone is scary. It leads to rejection. People don’t want to hear from me anyway.” This leads to the feeling of anxiety, stress, and fear.

Now, when you’re in a state of anxiety, stress, and fear, what kinds of results do you think you’re going to get from your sales call? Bad ones, of course! And when you get those bad results, that reinforces your thoughts about picking up the phone.

It’s so easy to fall into a downward spiral with this … but the good news is that the TFAR cycle works the opposite way too. If you have a positive thought, you’ll have positive feelings, which lead to better actions, which lead to better results.

When you look at it that way…

… your “inability” to sell is actually extremely easy to fix. You just need to work on the trigger thought underlying the issue. There are different processes you can use to do this (I walk you through one in detail in Sasudi’s Learning Zone*), but it comes down to breaking the association with the old, negative belief, and creating a new association with a positive belief.

So for instance, if you have always thought “I’m just too shy for sales,” then you could think about times when actually, you haven’t been too shy to talk about what you do or why it’s great. The more you think about positive instances that counteract that negative belief, the weaker it will get, and the stronger your positive association will get, which will lead to better results … which in turn will reinforce the positive association even more!

It’s a really exciting process — and once you’ve shifted those negative beliefs, you can do more with your sales (not to mention your life!) than you would have ever thought possible.

Until next time,

Leigh xx

* To gain access to the Sasudi “Belief Buster” process, go to the Create Your Winning Mindset course on Sasudi’s Learning Zone. If you’re not yet a Sasudi user, click here to start your 60 Day Free Trial.

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