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The Truth Behind The Winning Sales Mindset

# 1 . Choice between Mr. Triumph & Mr. Defeat

A Sales Person’s mind is a thought factory. Its a busy processing unit which processes large thoughts each day. Each Sales Guy’s mind has two further Sales Team Members. Yes, you heard it right ! Each Sales Person has a team of two further Sales People , Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat.

Mr. Triumph is in charge of generating positive thoughts and produces enough reasons of why one can and will achieve.

Mr. Defeat in charge of generating negative thoughts and produces enough reasons of why can’t and will not achieve.

Both these team members are intensely obedient and are just a call away by each one of the Sales People. All you need to do is signal them and they just come in give you the best of duties.

The choice of calling either Mr. Defeat or Mr. Triumph determines the success of a Sales Person.

If you think that Selling is getting difficult, clients don’t buy, its a recession out there or markets aren’t favorable ; Mr. Defeat would give you enough more reasons to add weight to your argument and you would be 100% convinced on the same.

On the contrary, If you think that Selling is easier, clients would buy given that you given them a good value proposition, there is nothing called adverse market conditions and you would be able to sell in every condition, in time or late ; Mr. Triumph would set in and push you so much to achieve that incremental sales adding immense impetus to your goals.

Hence, Mr. defeat can show you why you can’t sell Mr. ABC; Mr. Triumph will show you that you can. Mr. Defeat will convince you that you will fail while Mr. Triumph will demonstrate why you will succeed. Mr. Defeat will prepare a brilliant case against every hard selling situation while Mr. Triumph will show you more reasons why you could crack the same situation.

Thus, the more work that you give either of these 2 sales executives under you, the stronger he becomes. The only wise thing is to fire Mr. Defeat and use Mr. Triumph 100% of the time.

Now, if you wish to become a Sales Champion ; you know whom to give a call , Mr. Defeat or Mr. Triumph if you are in a situation of accepting a Larger Sales Target, Calling a difficult client, Lasting a Sales Review…. Any other situation in Life.

Let Mr. Triumph be your rockstar to make you One in life !

Coming back with more such experiences…..Happy Selling !

Amol Maheshwari ( [email protected])

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