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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Influencer Outreach Strategy

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Despite having a solid influencer outreach strategy, you may find that your best efforts to gain partnerships with influencers fall flat. This is partly due to the speed and short attention span of the world of social media, where you only have a few words and a few seconds to make an impact in an inbox full of messages.

Having a clear outline of your outreach strategy is essential before you even start reaching out to influencers, but there are many other factors that play into building successful partnerships. Read on to find out what they are!

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1. Do Your Research

Business writer at Write my Australia and Write my essay Lena Hernandez tells us, “The first step is to find the right people, use influencer marketing tools to establish who the key influencers relevant to your brand are”.

Make sure they’re involved in your field and that they care about what you offer, if they themselves or their audience aren’t interested in you, it’ll be a waste of yours and their time.

2. Connect With The Influencer You’re Interested In

After identifying which influencers you’re interested in working with, get on their radar by interacting with them across multiple social media channels. This is the best way to approach them without overwhelming them with an overly aggressive sales strategy!

3. Contact The Influencer You’re Interested In

Once you’ve connected with them, take the step and contact them. Make sure you’re creating a unique message that is specific to them. You want to make sure they feel special and unique and that you’re contacting them because you think they’ll be the best representative for your brand.

4. Keep It Honest

Be upfront about your business goals and what you wish to achieve by contacting them. Avoid unnecessary small talk and be straightforward in terms of what you’re aiming at with connecting with them. They will know you’re not just getting in touch to make a new friend, and they’ll potentially have an inbox full of other businesses keen to work with them, so don’t waste their time!

5. Take Advantage Of Your Influencer’s Influencer

Influencers have relationships with other influencers so by building a partnership with the one you could be building a partnership with them all! 

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6. Create Great Content

Influencers may have taken a lot of time and energy to build their following, so they’re not going to showcase just anything on their pages. It’s important that the content you create is well-curated and is attractive to most social media users, otherwise, potential influencers won’t want to partner up with you as your content won’t feel like it matches their page and what their audiences want. 

Tom Jolly, a recruiter at Resumention and Boom Essays tells us “no amount of link building and partnering can help you if your content isn’t desirable, so start from the foundation and make great content anyone would be glad to be associated with”.

7. Segment Your Influencers

Creating a tailored message for each influencer may not be quite enough at times. Depending on the different niches you’ve targeted, you may want to segment your influencers and use a different approach depending on where they sit in terms of their audiences, their content, and their niche. Having this all-round tailored approach is key in convincing influencers that you’re the right brand to partner with!

8. Be Aware Of Different Types Of Influencers

Don’t be blinded by sheer numbers, there are definitely certain different types of influencers. If you want to build brand awareness, for example, influencers with huge follower counts may not be your best bet. Instead, you may want to find well-connected influencers that have a lot more reach and are able to engage their followers as a larger percentage of their following is actively keeping up with them. This kind of influencers tends to be harder to contact and may expect more in compensation for the partnership so be aware of these things before pitching anything.

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Overall, social media influencers can be a fantastic way to get your brand out there, so follow these tips to brush up on your outreach strategy and begin working with top influencers in no time!

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