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There Is Something More Important Than Hot B2B Leads

Are your b2b lead generation strategies too focused on the business leads that are ready to purchase? These end-stage leads may be the dream of every sales and marketing team, but when your lead generation strategies are all concentrated on these types of leads, the others in your sales funnel may get left out and ignored. A good b2b lead generation company knows the value of each and every qualified lead that enters the sales funnel. And, more often than not, it is the leads which are not yet purchase ready that lead to bigger conversions.

Here are 4 good reasons why aiming for warm b2b sales leads are better than hot b2b leads.

  1. Sheer numbers. Let’s face it, no matter how effective your b2b lead generation targeting is, you won’t be able to attract only the hot leads. A good lead generation campaign would always generate more warm b2b sales leads than hot, and if you choose to ignore these leads, then you are seriously depriving your business of potential profits.
  2. More suggestible. Hot b2b sales leads are generally understood to already be halfway through the sales process. This means that your sales representatives would have a little influence in the decision-making of these leads. This could mean that up selling options are immediately rejected, and you could have a hard time suggesting your brand when they already have another one in mind. Qualified warm leads, on the other hand, are more open to suggestions, especially if your sales and marketing representatives have been present right at the beginning when the problem was being identified. Qualifying warm leads often take more time, but this allows you to get to know the leads better. When you are able to ask the right questions, you get the right answers which allows you to properly identify the problem and give the correct solutions (or offer the right product from your arsenal of products).
  3. Readily available. There are certain industries where generating hot b2b leads are practically impossible. Let’s take those in the IT business in general. Getting hot IT leads that are ready to purchase is difficult because decisions regarding such purchases are usually long and enterprise-wide, therefore a lot of important executives have to deliberate the advantages and disadvantages of the solution you offer before they come to a conclusion. That is, if they agreed that a problem exists in the first place. Focusing on warm leads, which may take longer to become qualified, is a more ideal strategy for getting good b2b leads in the IT industry.
  4. More realistic. You can target certain demographics such as: age, location, industry, company size, annual revenue, executive titles, and such. It is, however, impossible to send your marketing message directly to hot b2b leads in the “has-budget-to -specifically-purchase-your-product” demographic. Furthermore, as marketing strategies become unrealistically more targeted, the cost of implementation also increases but positive results may decrease in proportion. Meanwhile, targeting warm business leads that you will qualify yourself will always be present in lead generation campaigns, so aiming for these leads will not only be more realistic, but also cheaper.

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