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Turn Your Demons Into Dust

Eliminate Cold Call Fears Forever!

Just about everyone is in need of healing of some sort. Trauma, painful memories, and physical pain have a way of derailing life for millions. Those of us who grow up in emotionally abusive households may learn to become numb to abuse because it feels normal. Too many folks tolerate pain or seek to escape emotional pain through drugs and alcohol. When they happen to wander into a healthy relationship or positive opportunity they run away or destroy it because it feels foreign.

The universe has a gentle way of nudging us all to evolve and heal. Certain patterns emerge until we gain the skills or knowledge to overcome these patterns. Trauma can impact behavior and cripple one’s ability to cope with everyday demands. There is no need to endure fears, phobias, or psyche scarring emotional pain inhibiting us from living the life we want. There’s no need to struggle to overcome something that can be erased easily.

Pain covers a very broad spectrum of physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.

A key skill and self-healing tool everyone can use is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

EFT works exquisitely when applied to business tasks that cause problems.

Call reluctance is real. The anxiety, fear of rejection, inhibitions, or inability to take action can end a sales career. If you’re in a position that requires cold calls and you avoid those calls at the risk of losing your job, EFT is a tool that will help you eradicate cold call resistance for good.

We all know emotional issues cause physical symptoms. Unexpressed anger is often the source of depression. I’ve heard depression aptly described as anger turned inward. Stress can cause high blood pressure, ulcers, fatigue and irritability. Stress can cause heart attacks, headaches, and even back pain. Many of our fears and beliefs are unfounded. That does not make them any less troublesome and logic will not cure the problem.

Science has proven that emotions don’t mature. If we had a scary encounter with a stranger as a young child that seemingly harmless event can create havoc in our life today when we confront a similar situation. We are all unique and complicated. EFT releases blocked emotions. We may or may not recall the initial traumatic event. When EFT is used daily for three weeks (or less) the changes are remarkable.

EFT is emotional acupuncture. By following the simple process and honestly applying the principles, emotional healing follows. Everyone can be emotionally free to have success in business, make as many calls as they want, and be open to healthy, caring relationships. Recognize painful symptoms as prompts to make a change.

Life is short. Don’t let events from your past cripple your performance today. Systematically use EFT on any painful issue holding you back from the life you wish to have today. While memories remain after applying EFT, the pain associated with those memories fade. This allows us to choose new and productive avenues of behavior.

If you cold call for appointments or sales there’s still the need to learn the sales process and create effective cold call scripts. Selling skills are learned with practice and intention. The best sales people create an atmosphere where customers want to buy vs. being sold something under pressure.

Use EFT to turn your demons into dust. Overcome call reluctance forever. Achieve your sales goals easily by doing the tasks that lead to more sales. Be free from inhibitions or feelings of unworthiness. EFT is one of the most important self-help tools of the twenty first century. Make your life better today by applying EFT to cold call issues that make you miserable. You deserve to be happy and successful!

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