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Want to excel at selling? Increase your resilience first — here’s how

How resilient are you?

Reading a recent newspaper article by Adrian Furnham, professor of psychology at University College London, reminded me of just how importance resilience is when it comes to achieving success.

In fact I would go as far as to say that you would struggle to succeed in anything without resilience.

Especially in sales and business

Resilience after a ‘no’. Resilience if you’re falling short of your target. Resilience when a customer tells you they are now buying from somewhere else. Resilience when the phone doesn’t ring.

I’ve picked out some extracts from the article and added my own take…

“Resilient people cope better. They bounce back faster. They carry less baggage from the past. They feel less influenced by fate, less victims of luck, more in control. Crucially, they are able to maintain a steady course when the economic, political and psychological weather deteriorates. Resilient people know who they are, who they can count on and where and when to get help.

Resilient people are hardy and have good coping skills. When resilient people get stressed, which inevitable they will, they are able to reduce its effects quickly and efficiently”.

How useful would all that be in sales? Very!

Can you learn resilience?

Is it possible to change your mindset? Change the way you look at the world? Having trawled the world of self help books Adrian Furnham has come up with a ‘super-list’ of things to do to build up your resilience..and I wholeheartedly agree with his summary…

1. Visualise first, then enact how your capabilities will enhance your performance

2. Remind yourself of what you are really good at and what others value you for

3. Take control of your life and drop all that negative “can’t do” thinking

4. Try serious optimism — do “glass half full” and opportunity thinking

5. Reduce your stress levels by being more realistic, calling on the support of others and expressing your feelings more

6. Ask for help and give help to others when they need it

7. Learn to be comfortable with conflict

8. Invest time in your learning

9. Work on your mental and physical fitness

10. Reframe the way you see setbacks. Think of them as learning challenges rather than fatal setbacks.

11. And finally…Buck up, tighten up and toughen up

When (today) will you start?

Adopt these “commandments” and your sales will improve — I’ve absolutely no doubt about that. These guidelines are all about the inner you — and it’s the inner you that can make or break ANY sale.

They really are a great set of mantra’s to adopt. At The Sales Consultancy we love this list — no surprise given that pretty much everything on the list is embedded into our training programmes!

So get more resilient — and notice your sales increase.

It’s all about The Psychology of Sales!

Until next time.

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