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What is The Law of Attraction and How Does it Work?

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where we could get whatever we wanted just by wishing for it? Unfortunately, that’s just not how life works! Nonetheless, your mindset can still impact your life’s journey and help you achieve what you perhaps once considered impossible.

The law of attraction is all about cultivating a positive attitude to change the trajectory of your life.


This may sound like simple wishful thinking, but there’s a bit more to it, as this article will go on to explain.

law of attraction


What Is the Law of Attraction?

What exactly does this term mean? Well, in simple terms, it’s a law that states that by focusing on positive affirmations, one can invite more good things into their life, including reduced stress, better health, and more opportunities. 

You may not realize that this term is an all-encompassing one for the seven laws of attraction.


In this section, we’ll explain all seven in detail, walking you through each one to give you a better understanding of how they can help you.

Have you ever wondered, “What are the laws of attraction?” If so, then read on!


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Achieving Balance

Having a balanced approach to all things is one of the most important laws of health and happiness.

Our minds and bodies benefit the most from finding balance in life—for example, we need rest but shouldn’t oversleep; we need energy but shouldn’t overindulge in food; and so on.


Balance is the principle underscoring this law of attraction. Try to apply it to all aspects of your life, from health and relationships to work and recreation.

Most importantly, cultivate a well-balanced relationship with yourself—one where you let go of your past mistakes, but also always strive to be better.


Positive Manifestations

Those who have doubts about using the laws of attraction usually find this law in particular difficult to understand.

The idea that we can manifest things into being simply by focusing positive energy on them may, admittedly, be hard to swallow.


But think of it another way: words have real power. This cannot be denied.

Positive affirmations may not magically turn things into reality, but they can help you to cultivate a more positive mindset, allowing you to approach each day with a greater amount of energy and optimism.


To find out more about the power of words, check out the video below.


Doing the Right Thing

People often ask, “Does the law of attraction work?” And that’s an understandable question! To reach a proper answer, you must understand one thing: these aren’t a set of magical spells.

Rather, they are actionable insights that impact how you move through the world.


This law of attraction is the perfect example. By behaving compassionately towards others and consistently doing the right thing, you increase the chance that someone will behave kindly towards you.

This might bring to mind an adage we’re all familiar with: “you sow what you reap.”


Living Harmoniously

You may still wonder, “Does the law of attraction really work?” And, again, we say that’s valid! But this law of harmony shows that, even if it doesn’t, these guidelines can still help you live your life in a healthier, happier way.

People who value this law do their best to ensure that the people around them are pillars of encouragement and support, sharing similar goals and values.


They value teamwork and collaboration, working hard to support their friends, family, and colleagues in turn. Even if you don’t believe in the laws of attraction, you can see how this would be beneficial.


Like Attracts Like

“Birds of a feather flock together.” No doubt this is a phrase you’ve heard before. In essence, it means that people who are similar tend to be drawn together.

This is the principle underlying this law of attraction—and there is some truth to it.


Negative people tend to be drawn to each other, usually to their detriment; likewise, positive individuals will seek out others like them.

If you try your best to develop a positive outlook, approaching life with light and optimism, you will usually find that energy returned in one way or another.


Universal Influence

We live in a huge, multi-national world—a world that’s part of an even larger galaxy, and a truly infinite universe.

It can be easy to forget just how important we are as individuals; sometimes, you may feel no more important than a grain of sand.


But how the law of attraction really works is by reminding us that we have real agency, and, with it, we can transform the world around us.

Even one small action can have myriad unintended consequences, some good and some bad. Picture your decisions being like pebbles in a pond, sending ripples in every direction; positive decisions equal positive ripples.


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Unwavering Desire

Even now, there is no doubt some of you still wonder, “Is the law of attraction real?” In that case, let us provide you with one final law to consider: the law of unwavering desire.

Sometimes, achieving your dreams comes down to being in the right place at the right time. But far more often it comes about as a result of putting in long hours of back-breaking work.

To see your efforts through, you need a strong motivating force—in other words, an unwavering desire to get what you want.


This law states that a strong desire must be present in someone for their goals to manifest.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Now that we’ve walked you through these seven laws and how they work, you hopefully have a better understanding of what they are. But you may still wonder how the law of attraction works

We hope we’ve shown these laws aren’t mystical incantations that can bring into being whatever you want. Rather, they provide people with a new, more optimistic way of viewing themselves and the world.


By invoking these rules, you can have a positive impact on the people around you—and this positivity will almost certainly come back your way.


How to Use the Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Goals

But exactly how do you use these laws? Well, you can start by following these steps:


  • Figure out what you want.
  • Believe that you can get it.
  • Incorporate these rules into your life.


You may not see overnight changes, but by following these steps towards a more positive outlook, you will find yourself with more energy and better mental health. You will feel more able to tackle the challenges life throws your way.

So, does the law of attraction actually work? If you’re asking whether these laws will grant you a pile of cash in the form of a mysterious, benevolent relative, then no.


But if you’re asking whether they can help transform your outlook into a happier, healthier one, then that’s a clear, resounding yes.

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