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What To Do When Negotiating With B2B Leads In Australia

In every telesales campaign in Australia, there is always the part where you have to negotiate with business prospects. If effectively carried out, you can actually use it to get into more agreeable terms. But that is if you effectively carry it out. Sometimes, your actions in the meeting can negatively affect your firm’s relationship with potential sales leads. What should you be doing so as not to lose your sales? Here is how you do it:

  1. Take control — when going in a meeting (like the ones set up by your appointment setting team), you need to take the initiative and start meeting. If you let the other side start it, you will notice that you lose control over the direction of the meeting. This is very important, since pricing and terms of agreements are sure to be involved.
  2. Always put things in writing — there are formal agreements and there are written agreements. As much as possible, stick to the latter type. Yes, you can discuss terms verbally during the meeting, but it helps if you have written everything down immediately. Besides, once you have the agreement written down, you are actually encouraging the prospects to sign up with you.
  3. Be cool — no matter what the situation, you should always maintain a cool demeanor in your meetings. This is the secret of successful conversion of B2B leads to an actual business deal. Even if the other side is in a heightened mood, you should not be carried away by it.

Only then will be able to successfully handle your lead generation campaign in Australia

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