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When To Say “When”

A guide to putting inactive prospects in your rear view mirror

Ever have a prospect that looks so good you are willing to keep up the chase to get the sale? You have followed all the steps in the sales process, told a compelling story, and developed the ideal solution/ benefit for their company’s needs. Every time you call on this prospect it seems as if they are so close to making the commitment, but something is standing in the way, timing,budget,contracts,etc. The following are some tips to help you advance the sale,or cut ties and make better use of your valuable time.

  1. Are they a qualified buyer? Some middle management types will lead you to believe they are the decision maker ,when they are not.
  2. How many times have you had contact? It can take 5-8 calls to get a commitment. Sometimes more depending on the importance of the decision.
  3. Have you completed the sales cycle?
  4. Have you developed the ideal benefit/ solution to meet their companies needs?
  5. Have you identified the loss of revenue associated with this inactivity?
  6. Timelines. Your time is valuable, ask when they might be making this decision and hold them to it. Putting a date to a decision makes it hard to escape.
  7. If they do not commit, maybe it is time to move on, or put them at the bottom of your prospect pile.

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