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Where to Find the Best Info on How to use Social Media

If you’re like most people, social media is an amazing puzzle of possibility. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the bevy of other sites available as a means to connect, it can leave one wondering, why in the world should I get online? And for that matter, how do I even connect? Well, if you’re asking these questions you’re not alone. And just for the record — you should get online and use social media. If not just to connect with other people and stay current, social media is the next big wave of opportunity for sales and marketing professionals who want to access a whole population at a time and other professionals who are looking to find work. So, if you’re ready to connect and you want to use social media to its best advantage — what do you do? Well, frankly, when it comes down to it, there are three options.

  1. Find the Teenager Down the Street — It’s true. Social media is a young person’s game. But that doesn’t you can’t be a part of it too. Just consider Betty White. Born in 1922, Betty White unwittingly harnessed the power of Facebook and Twitter to become hostess with the mostess on Saturday Night Live. With several hundred thousand Facebook members and countless more Tweeters, Betty White rode the wave of social media and got a job out of so many people asking for her to host on SNL. Want to ride the wave too? Find a teenager down the street and ask him/her to help you get online. Maybe you can make them cookies or pizza. Teenagers always love pizza.
  2. Go to the Source — When Facebook started, there wasn’t an instruction manual. People just figured it out. And so can you. If you want to connect with Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, check out their sites and follow the instructions on the page. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be, and you’ll be online and using social media in no time.
  3. Take a Course — It was bound to happen. If you’re not just content with getting online, and want to use social media to its fullest potential, take a course online. Consider it a form of career coaching. Currently,, home of the National Association of Sales Professionals, offers a course in social media marketing. It’s not a bad way to get started at maximizing your efforts online, and it’s a great way to expand your career opportunities.

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