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Why having a good plan, Trumps any Sales Strategies

Why having a proven method for selling is more important than any “Sales process”

Why having a good Plan Trumps any Sales Strategies.

Sales is littered with a field of great plans, processes, tools and mnemonics. At the end of the day, who can remember three days in a stuffy conference room, with little or no say in the dialogue? Sales people love to talk, engage them and let them create their own plan. Why the need for sales training you may ask? If you let the trainees create the materials? Remember drivers training? The extra brake and gas when the student got a little too over zealous? Training puts curbs on the road, periods at the end of sentences, and gives a road map to define and refine the speed and direction.It should not tell you how to do your business, one size does not fit all. Let the sales professional give feedback, create a plan and watch how your companies sales process will blossom with a little help from the sidelines. Some need more help than others,the playing field is full of sales people at all skill levels.Knowing what works, and more importantly what doesn’t is much more important than ” the process”.So the next time your company incorporates the latest and greatest “sales strategies” taught by top sales gurus that guarantee results with their proven methods,run it by your seasoned pros and give them the respect they deserve.It just might be the most effective and smartest sales strategy of all.

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