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Would You Rather Have A Coyote Chew Your Arm Off Than Cold Call?

Tips for taking the cold out of cold calling

Most Effective Cold Calling Methods

Cold calling potential prospects is not a very easy job. It can be hard, frustrating and requires a lot of patience, and practice. It requires confidence and skills to turn cold calls into actual sales. For every person you interest, there will be those you will not. If you’re not used to the process, it can be difficult. There are ways to improve your cold calling methods.

These 5 tips can Help to Do just that.

Write down all of your Questions in Advance
Before you actually make the call, you need to know exactly what you’re going to ask. Thinking of questions on the spot is not a good strategy. Organize your questions in logical sequence beforehand, this is referred to as “stacking.” The more information you obtain the easier it will be to assess the prospect and move the sale forward.

2. Focus All the Questions on Your Client, Not Yourself

When you have connected with the prospect, you need to focus all of your attention on the prospect. When you focus on the client’s needs, they are more likely to respond in a positive manner.

3. Don’t Overdo it in the first Contact

Cold meeting a prospect for the first time requires a different strategy. Rather than carrying a whole briefcase of brochures and samples, just carry a file with the basics in it, and a script pad to write down what you learn. Ask questions about their needs. Wait for the client to show interest and then ask for another meeting. Go in without the extra on the first meeting. This will make the environment more relaxed and the client will find it easier to open up to you.

4. Keep your Prospect Relaxed

Don’t overwhelm your prospect, try to keep them relaxed. The longer your prospect stays relaxed, the more they will open up to your questions. This will increase your chances of making a sale in the long run. You can keep the prospect relaxed by keeping the conversation centered on them and giving them air time rather than talking about your product, or service.

5. Don’t try to Sell on your first Cold Call

Never try to sell on your first cold call. Concentrate on gathering as much information as possible. Ask the prospect as many questions as possible. First, you need to build rapport and develop a relationship with the prospect, listen for the benefit/need they are looking for and you will discover what the customer wants from you.

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