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You Need To Get Mental To Achieve Sales Success! Are You Fit To Sell?

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Companies are storing record cash amounts. They’re hoarding their revenues for more rainy days ahead. They’re spending little at the moment. They’re making do.

One day though — one day they will be ready to spend big. Their cash reserves are colossal — after all, profits have held up well and companies have cut out lots of costs. But when they do decide to spend, YOU have to be right up there in their consciousness, right in the forefront of their thinking, if you are going to maximize the inevitable opportunities that are going to arise.

Well then — are you ready? Have you got what it takes? How motivated are you? What state are you in? Where will you be when the gold rush starts?

Your answers to these and other similar questions will determine your success as we come out of the economic downturn. Remember — you cannot succeed and make it happen on the outside before you’ve already made it happen on the inside.

Have the Right Mind State
Your mind and body are part of the same interactive system. What you’re thinking will determine your behavior so you need to be thinking positive, motivating thoughts. If you find your thinking or internal dialogue is not helpful to your state you need to change it — and FAST.

Think about times when you were in the flow, sales were easy, conversations flowed and you felt great. It feels great, doesn’t it?
What about when things didn’t go that well, you weren’t moving forward, and something stopped you from taking action. How did you feel during those times?

The objective is to stay in that first, happy productive state, and if you find yourself less resourceful, to change back into that productive state quickly and easily. Put simply you will achieve more sales and success generally from being in a positive state.

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So how can you capture and draw on the best bits? Anchoring is the technique that enables you to recall those moments when you were totally motivated, lock them in, and recall them when required. It sounds simple and it is and by following the exercise below you can have an effective anchor available to you in minutes.

Limiting beliefs
A big subject, very important too. For now, take notice of those things you say to yourself that are not helping you. That little voice inside, makes you doubt your ability and stops you from taking action, or the right action. Some people call it their inner critic.

You need to take on that inner critic. After all — how many of the messages it gives you are based on fact? Not many usually. Yet these negative thoughts promote your limiting beliefs, in turn stopping you from performing at your peak. So notice those messages from within, and where they came from.

Remember — sales come when you are in a really great state. Oh and smile too. It’s really difficult to do ‘depressed’ when you’re smiling! Sales isn’t a process, or about what you say. It starts in your head and how you’re feeling. Get that right and you will succeed in sales.

1 Anchoring Exercise
Think of a time when the conversation flowed, when you were in deep rapport and felt unstoppable. Get right into that moment, turn it up — and bottle it. Then think of another great selling moment and do the same. And again, three times in all. Design yourself an anchor to lock in the fabulous state you are now in — maybe a piece of music, maybe a clap of your hand, something that, later by playing the music, or clapping in the same way, you can reproduce that motivated and unstoppable feeling.

2 Countering limiting beliefs exercise
During the course of a day, notice those negative statements you think and say. Write them down. For each limiting belief write down three counter examples to each. Three examples which demonstrate the limiting belief not to be true. This will shake the roots of those limiting beliefs and ultimately eradicate them.

— Your thoughts will determine your behavior and your results
— To maximize your potential you need to stay in, or get in, a happy productive state
— Anchoring is a powerful tool to capture and retain and reproduce those moments when you are most motivated and resourceful
— Limiting Beliefs are those inner voices that tell you what you cannot do or struggle to do
— Limiting beliefs should be countered and destroyed to achieve maximum sales success

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