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On Preparation and Presentations

In my first professional, full-time sales position, the company brought all the new sales people to a six-week training class in Mill Valley, California. There, we memorized three, four page, single-spaced sales presentations. Most days consisted of practicing those presentations in role-playing scenarios, having them video recorded, playing them back, and then having the group […]

Choosing Words That Sell

Selling successfully requires that you make your prospects comfortable with you. Fear is one of the biggest impediments to any sale, so if you can relax the prospect you’re much more likely to convince him to make the big choice and buy from you. So it follows that choosing the right words during your sales […]

26 Questions for Sales Appointments

The stereotypical salesperson is someone who talks all the time and never listens to his customers. That kind of salesperson in real life is not a successful one, because listening to prospects is the only way to uncover their needs. And a prospect’s needs are the key to matching them up with the right product. […]

Closing the Sale

Whenever I ask sales people to rate themselves on their competence at all the different parts of the sales process, they invariably rate themselves low at closing the sale. Unfortunately, sales people who don’t close consistently waste a lot of their time, waste their customer’s time, and are not nearly as effective as they could […]

Good Questions and The Basics of Selling

Sales is, at its most basic level, a relatively simple process. I recall one of my clients showing me the flow-chart of his sales process. Twenty six steps. That level of detail may be appropriate for that specific situation, but it is an overkill when we are talking about the application for a typical professional […]

The Question Is The Key

Focus, focus, focus. That’s the phrase that I find myself repeating constantly in every sales seminar that I present. I believe focus is the greatest challenge for salespeople today, and the greatest single solution to their challenges. There are so many demands on our time, so many tasks calling for our attention, and so many […]

Pacing Your Presentation

The speed and flow with which you make your sales presentation should vary from prospect to prospect. Some people will prefer a fast, snappy presentation while others want plenty of time to absorb each point you make before you move on to the next. How do you know what style to use for a given […]

How to Negotiate

Most sales will sooner or later enter a negotiation period. Some savvy prospects will negotiate throughout your presentation, bringing up minor issues and squeezing a commitment out of you. Others will wait until you give them a price before they start turning the vise. Whatever the case, having solid negotiation skills can make a big […]

Sample Thank You Notes

image credit flickr Tips For Writing Great Thank You Notes Developing a regular thank-you note habit is one of the most effective ways you can improve your sales process. A thank-you note sent to someone shows that you respect that person and is a concrete way of expressing your appreciation. Such a note can be […]

Beliefs That Limit A Salesperson’s Performance

Good Salespeople are Problem Solvers “Good salespeople are problem solvers.” Or, so the illusion goes. That belief ranks high on my all time list of the beliefs that most limit a salesperson’s performance. This one is especially insidious because it is so commonly held, without reservation, by such a large percentage of sales managers and […]