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Turning Down Time into Peak Performance Gold

Every business has it’s highs – peak performance times, and lows – low performance time, it’s ups, and downs and it’s ins and outs. To succeed in business, you need to know when it is peak performance time – the highs and the ups and when it is low performance time – the lows and […]

3 Secrets to a Do It Now Attitude

One of life’s simplest solutions to reaching your goals and your desired life can be summed up in three simple words “Do it Now”. If you are heavily active in goal achievement programs, running a business or running your life, you will hear often that to truly make change you need to take action. So […]

Sales Negotiation Skills

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. -Tolstoy In any economy, learning to close the deal is a challenge for your workforce. Especially in these tough times, sales and marketing training can make the difference for your staff. Sales coaching institutes often present negotiation as a three step process. […]

Winning the Sales Race through Sales Coaching

At the outset the difference between sales training and sales coaching should be made clear. Sales training prepares sales professionals and sales coaching attempts at preparing sales champions. Sales coaching is a process in which an experienced sales trainer or coach gets involved in the sales process of an organization not only within the four […]

Sales Training and Coaching

The Why Behind the How! Realize that selling is a numbers game. Get more no’s and you’ll get more yes’s. -Sidney Friedman When you miss the sale, it is even more important to make a cheerful, friendly, optimistic, and courteous exit than it is when you make the sale. -Zig Ziglar Don’t pity yourself, Start […]

How to Motivate and Coach a Winning Sales Team

We have heard that success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. But sales is a profession that requires large doses of inspiration and motivation on a regular basis in order to be successful. Professional sales people face a lot of rejection and for every ‘YES’ there are at least nine “NOs’. It can […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Sales Training Speaker

You feel your sales team is not performing at the level they should, so you feel bringing in a sales training speaker for your next sales meeting would help solve the problem. Yes, hiring a sales training speaker may help the problem, but the question you first have to answer is, “Is the problem an […]

Crises, Peers and Conditioning: Three Roads to Change, Part II

Last, week, I wrote about the three main avenues to permanent change, discussing the impact of peers as an example. The other cool route to getting the change one wants is through conditioning, where you focus the actions, habits and beliefs necessary to achieve whatever it is you’re going after. One of the most effective […]

Why Your Sales Aren’t Growing the Way You Would Like Them To

(It’s Not Why You Think) Okay, here’s something you may have never heard before, but it’s critical to understanding how you can get your people, your organization and yourself to grow: The most powerful force in human nature is to remain consistent with the identity you hold of yourself. The Cycle of Performance as outlined […]

Getting the Results You Want – Now

You strive for excellence in everything you do – especially your career. You read the latest books and you study the best new techniques. At times, though, you may wonder if it will ever come together. Surely there must be a better way. There is: it’s called “modeling.” In a nutshell, modeling means precisely duplicating […]