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What Is a Sales Engineer & How Do You Become One?

What does a sales engineer do? To understand this properly, think of buying a new laptop. With so many innovations, we have to do some research before we even go to the IT shop. If we are considering the field of engineering, there are so many complex technical units on the market, such as medical […]

5 Closing Questions Every Salesperson must ask

Effective Sales Phrases for Closing Closing is a crucial part of the sales cycle, and yet it is occasionally overlooked. So much attention is given to generating leads, qualifying clients, and presenting your products; and while these are all important, so is closing the sale. Questions and closing phrases can help you do that. In […]

How to Write a Sales Pitch

  A sales pitch is an effective tool to convince your prospects that your product or service can solve their problems. If you have a B2B business, you will have a longer process of creating a sales pitch. This is because the decision-making process in a B2B sphere is long. Whereas, the process of creating […]

How to Improve Online Sales with Marketing Automation

As you grow your online retail business, you start having a lot of questions. How do the big online retailers keep up with the growing customer base? When do they provide a consistent experience to all their customers? In what way do they increase their sales? Two words: Marketing Automation. As your business expands, marketing […]

How to do online sales in the US? Cultural differences

Today, sales is a process that follows you from the beginning of your company journey. And it is crucial that you know this process, and if you are skilled at it – it will be super beneficial. However, online sales in the US have its specifics, America is a land of possibility, as a huge […]

How To Gain Sales Experience for Those Looking to Get into Sales

  Are you seeking sales experience to prepare you for a career change or success in sales marketing? Starting a career in a field without experience can be quite challenging.  For beginners, the sales field is easy to enter and does not require a specific degree. As these jobs offer training and mentoring, it is […]

What makes an extraordinary salesperson

  So, when they asked me at WhiteHat Junior, my last employer, what makes me an extraordinary salesperson I said a lot of things. I was awarded the title ‘Guru Cool’ for consistent performance over a long period. Looking back I see three qualities that make a critical difference in the long run. Communication & […]

7 Reasons Why a Small Business Needs a Virtual Call Center Solution

Source  Great customer service experience is what helps businesses stand out from the crowd. It also ensures they retain their existing customers. One research showed that around 80% of consumers said they would choose a competitor after having a bad experience with a brand. One way of enabling customers to get in touch with your […]

5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Use Social Media To Generate Leads

Image source: Pexels Social media is no longer just a powerful tool for the marketing department; oh no! In fact, using social media for lead generation needs to be an important part of every sales team’s strategy.  This is because collecting leads through your social media channels not only helps to boost sales but will […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing A Sales Resume

Nothing in this world can match the competitiveness you’ll find in the sales industry. It is constantly changing, so you have to get your head in the game if you plan to enter it. And when you enter this particular industry, you should start with a well-written sales resume.  That means learning the dos and […]