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Sales Steps in the Sales Process

Training to the Rescue! How can you tell if you’ll excel in a sales career? Is being a ‘people person’ enough? If you feel energized working with people, that’s to your advantage. There are a number of steps each sales process follows toward the goal of completing a sale. When you understand the sales process […]

Experienced Sales Reps

Should You Hire Them? Who would you rather hire for your inside sales team – an experienced rep with experience selling different products or services across several companies, or someone new to sales, say a college graduate, or how about a waiter or bar tender or someone one else new to sales? The proper answer […]

What the NFL Can Teach You about Your Inside Sales Team

Every so often, a person comes along who changes their field of study in a major way. Louis Pasteur changed the world of medicine with his introduction of the germ theory. Thomas Edison changed our world through the use of electricity. Albert Einstein changed modern physics. Steve Jobs changed the world of computing. And Paul […]

The Best Sales People Aren’t Necessarily The Right Ones For Your Company

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of CEOs about their sales recruitment needs. To make a point, I mentioned to them that my friend, Willie McMoney, had heard that I was speaking to this group and asked that I mention he was looking for a new sales home. I shared Willie’s […]

The Seven Cardinal Sins In Management

As a manager, your job is to lead your employees properly. Now, the problem comes in when you fail to lead them properly. Probably because of your management style or personality, but it will nevertheless affect their performance, especially in lead generation. It can even have dire effects in your lead generation campaign. When was […]

Motivating the Passive Sales Candidate

I was never very good in science class which is probably why I’m not a doctor today. Yet, I remember vividly the exercise on heated atoms. The experiment started with a flask of water and a Bunsen burner. When the flame from the Bunsen burner was applied to the flask, the atoms would dart all […]

“So Why Should We Hire You?”

If you are currently in a job search chances are you’ve been asked that question already. Undoubtedly, it is the most feared interview question, but one of the most common. It pays to be ready to answer it. helps to understand that the question is an invitation for you to sell yourself. This is a […]

Why Do Your Employees Leave You?

For companies involved in appointment setting services, especially those using telemarketing as its medium, one of the biggest challenges that they might face is in terms of employee loyalty and turnover. Indeed, employees leaving the company can greatly affect a company’s ability in generating good business leads. In this type of business, consistency is the […]

The Sales Person’s First Day

It’s a great day at Newman Industries today! For the last month, they have been actively recruiting a hot candidate to join their sales team. Today, Steven Harmon agreed to join them. They see him as a true rainmaker. The recruiter and sales manager share high-fives. Mission accomplished! Spike the ball in the end zone. […]

Sales Candidate Attributes

Desired or Required Close your eyes. Think of the perfect mate. Are you done? Close your eyes again. Think some more. How long is your list of requirements of the perfect mate? Are there five of them? Ten? Perhaps, you have twenty. Think about your list again. Are each of those really requirements of your […]