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The Eight Things Your Employees Will Need At Work

If we are talking about motivation in business, it is actually one topic that generates a lot of interest. After all, motivating employees can make all the difference in increasing productivity for the company. This has an important impact in the area of lead generation. Think about it, if you can get your employees to […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Building an Inside Sales Team

According to less than half of teams make their revenue goals each month. If you’re a business owner or sales manager of an inside sales team, then I’ll bet you can relate. So what differentiates the half that makes their numbers from the half that doesn’t? Obviously there are many factors and each […]

Do You Have An Employee Retention Strategy That Also Increases Employee Motivation?

These were the questions posed to Business owners in a workshop at an Annual Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort earlier this year. Thanks to their contributions, this article became possible as an employee retention and employee motivation learning tool for you. Teams were created to brainstorm answers to each of these questions. It wasn’t […]

Why Most Inside Sales Reps Fail

– and What to Do About It If you’re in charge of hiring, training and developing inside sales reps, then what you’re about to read may shock you a little bit, but it will also resonate with you and explain why many of the reps you hire ultimately fail. In their book, “How to Hire […]

The Global War on Sales Talent

How to Hire and Retain Great Sales Talent Do not demand accomplishment of those who have no talent. Do not charge people to do what they cannot do. Select them and give them responsibilities commensurate with their abilities.” – Sun Tzu, Great Chinese Military Thinker We cannot blame our sales managers if this thought is […]

Employee Motivation

Does it improve performance, productivity, keep them motivated and loyal? Employee motivation is not always the easiest of tasks, but it does pay off for you, your customers and the employee. Recognition is ranked the number one motivating factor when it comes to employee motivation in the workplace. If you want to maintain motivated employees, […]

Building Employee Self Esteem for Bottom Line Results

Self-esteem is a sense of worth, not only in inner confidence and self-respect, but also outwardly in the actions one takes towards contributing to the Bottom Line. Employee recognition is ranked the number one motivating factor when it comes to employee motivation in the workplace. If you want to maintain motivated employees, and encourage others […]

How to Find and Hire Great Sales People

5 Steps for Staffing Success Riding on a wave of an advertising and marketing blitzkrieg, anybody can sell a good product or service. True “salesmanship” lies in selling an unknown or lesser known product that has an average or non-existent brand name. Only a few possess this talent. Sales staffing should be aimed at hiring […]