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Sales Jobs: The New Frontier in a Down Economy

There’s a kind of tree which is the first to grow in the toughest soil. It’s the kind of plant which grows first after a forest fire, and is the first to establish itself in tough soil. It’s the plant that you see on the periphery of every forest, and it is a tough little […]

How To Hire The Best Sales People

Tina Turner once sang, “You’re simply the best, better than all the rest — better than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met.” And if you are a human resources professional looking to hire the best sales people, you dream of saying this to each and every one of your hires, each and every day. Who wouldn’t […]

NASP Career Center: Exclusive Resource for Sales Jobs

Find Sales Jobs and Fill Sales Positions If you’re looking for the best in the sales industry, welcome home to NASP. Whether you’re a company looking for sales professionals or a sales professional yourself, you’ve come to the right place. At NASP, we have one of the largest communities of qualified, motivated, certified, and assessed […]

How To Be A Sales Man or Woman: “Help Me Find A Job”

What to do, where to go and how to be when navigating the competitive world of sales jobs So, you’re out of a job and looking for work in sales. So are 12.3 million other people. Worried? You shouldn’t be. These days, there are a number of ways to set yourself apart when seeking a […]

Top 10 Interview Bloopers…and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all heard stories of job candidates who looked great on paper but were absolute disasters in person. With fewer interview opportunities available in this competitive market, it’s essential to make the best possible first impression. You can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the top 10 worst interview blunders. Poor handshake. The […]

Calling All Recruiters; Is Anyone Out There?

Online job services were meant to automate the job search process, getting jobseekers in front of prospective new employers faster. How well is it working for you? If you’ve sent out dozens of resumes and gotten little or no response, it probably feels like you’re sending your resume into a vast black hole. Do you […]