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Top Five Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

With interviews few and far between there is no such thing as a “practice” interview. Your interview skills must be perfect the first time and every time you interview. While there is no way to anticipate every question you may be asked, there are some questions that come up on a regular basis that universally […]

Win a Second Interview With a Great Thank You Note

In today’s highly competitive job market employers are interviewing more candidates per job opening, making it even more difficult to stand out as the preferred candidate. Just as your resume helped you get the first interview, your post-interview thank you note works to help you win the second interview. The primary job of a thank […]

“So Why Should We Hire You?”

If you are currently in a job search chances are you’ve been asked that question already. Undoubtedly, it is the most feared interview question, but one of the most common. It pays to be ready to answer it. helps to understand that the question is an invitation for you to sell yourself. This is a […]

The Second Dimension of Screening Sales Talent

My wife Sharon and I dated for exactly two years before I proposed to her. Over our two year courtship, I got to know her likes and dislikes. I understood her goals in life and her aspirations. She knew the same about me. On July 24, 1996, in the White House Rose Garden (true story), […]

Top 10 Interview Bloopers…and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all heard stories of job candidates who looked great on paper but were absolute disasters in person. With fewer interview opportunities available in this competitive market, it’s essential to make the best possible first impression. You can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the top 10 worst interview blunders. Poor handshake. The […]

Hire Smart

Four Great Interview Questions to Hire Great Sales Staff For small business owners, good sales staff is absolutely critical; they can make or break your business. Unfortunately, salespeople are also the most difficult employees to retain, precisely because of their business value. When hiring a new salesperson, many employers fall into the trap of using […]

Top Interview Secret: Know the Right Questions To Ask

Most interview preparation books are filled with sample questions that you’ll have to answer during an interview. While it’s certainly important to know how to answer tough interview questions, it’s equally important to know how to ASK questions in an interview. There are three good reasons to be prepared to ask great questions during interviews. […]

How To Avoid Job Interview Brain Freeze

Have you ever experienced brain freeze during a job interview? You are asked a question and your mind goes blank-it’s horrifying. You lose composure as well as confidence. Your interview goes down hill from there. Brain freeze most often happens as a result of behavioral or situational interview questions that are not anticipated before hand. […]

The Interview Preparation Checklist

It is impossible to over prepare for a job interview. Just as a sales professional never leaves any issue of the sales presentation to chance, likewise a job seekers should never attempt to “wing” an interview. Make sure you are optimally ready for your next job interview. Research the company thoroughly and prepare for how […]

3 Secrets to a Do It Now Attitude

One of life’s simplest solutions to reaching your goals and your desired life can be summed up in three simple words “Do it Now”. If you are heavily active in goal achievement programs, running a business or running your life, you will hear often that to truly make change you need to take action. So […]