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How to Use Quiz Funnels to Grow Your Sales

Image Source: Pixabay Digital marketing allows you to offer a wide variety of content types to your audience according to their position in the customer journey. Your content may engage your audience about your brand, inform them about your products, or convert them into customers. However, it appears like everyone is offering the same type […]

How B2B Telemarketing Works Better Than Other Lead Generation Methods?

Marketing methods will never remain static. We can find many new approaches in the market today. Despite the progress, the traditional methods such as telemarketing and email marketing are still dominating the business world because of its competency. Most of the businesses are not yet ready to ditch the old methods, especially telemarketing. If you […]

Uncovering the Myth of “If You Build It, They Will Come” with Stephanie Breedlove

A successful entrepreneur for 20 years, Stephanie Breedlove has made a powerful impact in the payroll industry. After launching her career with Accenture, she later found her purpose as the co-founder of HomePay, the country’s biggest household payroll and tax firm. Stephanie’s expertise has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, and Working […]

How to Make the Best Use of Your Limited Time with Geoff Woods

Geoff Woods, VP of The One Thing has been a feature on and his “The One Thing” podcast is one of the top 5% podcasts globally. On the podcast, Geoff discusses his ideas for how to take back control of your time and where to invest it. What is the Idea Behind “The One […]

Utilizing Data the Right Way to Improve Your Business and Your Life with Meaghan Connell & AJ Yager

Data –it’s part of our personal and professional lives. But how exactly are we using it to improve our lives? Meaghan Connell and AJ Yager of Praxis Metrics spoke about this topic during a recent Leads to Growth podcast. They helped the audience to see that data isn’t really that intimidating. They also showed how […]

Make Yourself a Sales Natural in 3 Easy Steps

3 easy ways to establish yourself as a sales leader and trusted partner in your industry 3 Tips to Make Yourself a Sales Natural 1. Develop a passion by educating yourself. I was already passionate about my product, but to have a natural conviction I needed to develop a passion industry. * Sign up for […]

Building Blocks for Inside Sales Success

Important questions to ask yourself when your pipelines are lacking and deals are not closing 1. If I am not closing deal… It means I am not setting enough appointments with decision makers who are interested in buying from me. NEXT STEP: Diagnose why you are not setting enough quality appointments: * Are you setting […]

How To Make Decision Makers Say ‘Yes’ to your Cyber Security Solution

Cyber security is all about protecting company information and the protection of computer hardware system from major cyber threats — theft or damage. Whether you’re into banking, an IT company, government agency or any financial organization, every business needs cyber security. Importance of cyber security solutions In a modern world where risk is at its […]

5 Sure-fire Tips to Leverage Social Media to Increase Sales

The explosive growth in the use of social media has dramatically altered the way customers discover and evaluate products. They are no longer dependent on the information provided by the salesperson to make a buying decision. Today, people can get all the information they need about a product by surfing the Internet or by contacting […]

Spice Up Lead Generation with Quality Data

Are your lead generation efforts meeting expectations? That’s what Ascend2 wanted to know when it interviewed 375 marketing, sales, and business professionals for its Lead Generation Strategy Survey late last year. Only 13 percent of respondents felt their lead generation efforts were “very successful.” While they may be ready for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, […]