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Why Your Business Can’t Afford Not to Go to Trade Shows

5 Reasons to Add Trade Shows to Your Marketing Plan Trade shows have been helping businesses succeed for decades. Companies, both large and small, have not only continued exhibiting at trade shows, but have also increased their trade show display budget. According to Statista, 33% of respondents to their survey reported an increase in number […]

Lead Generation – Media and Social

At every point during the lead generation process, structured use of social media, dovetailing marketing and sales strategies can strengthen your approach. Online technology as well as print advertising and press can be used to create and maintain relationships with leads and prospects, so not investing time in these methods can damage your sales output. […]

Lead Generation – Industry Targeting

Identifying target industries can be an intimidating task if you don’t perform extensive analysis and research that gives quantifiable reasons to support and drive your lead generation process. Ask yourself whether the businesses within this industry are ones you may have worked with before, or perhaps you have researched them in the past and discounted […]

Lead Generation – Location Targeting

Constantly assessing and re-targeting your marketing and contact methods to prospective customers should be a regular occurrence in every sales environment to ensure continued lead generation. Location targeting is just one aspect of this. Although locations can be seen as restricting, particularly to smaller businesses, current deals should be mapped out and analysed. If you […]

Lead Generation – Business Targeting

Depending on the product or service you offer, there will be unique criteria for the businesses you should target. Every lead will have a circumstance that alters how you should approach them, but what information will genuinely assist your sales team? Make your business targeting more effective by knowing what the useful details are, where […]

Lead Generation – Decision Makers

Generating and following up on leads are both key to maintaining a successful business. However, finding those few influential decision makers you want to sell your product or service to can be difficult and time consuming, especially when it is estimated that in a typical firm an average of seven people are involved in most […]

Lead Generation – Lead Volume

Lead generation is more than just a numbers game. Driving sheer volume of leads, without an understanding of their qualities or how you are going to handle them will only result in a mess. Prioritising your generation methods and controlling the flow of leads are both crucial. The volume of your leads should be scrutinised […]

Lead Generation – Source Quality

While the fundamentals of lead generation remain the same, its execution and analysis have changed in recent years. By analyzing the accessible supporting data, it is possible to identify the quality of a source and improve your methods. Understanding the merits of different lead sources, thorough analysis and recognizing the areas that work for you […]

The Three Decision Makers In Singapore Lead Generation

Conducting a lead generation campaign in Singapore can be a big problem, especially if you fail to get in touch with the right business prospects or, more exactly, the right decision makers. Each organization has may have different decision makers but, generally speaking, there are three people that you should reach. This can affect your […]

Problem-Solving Strategies In Effective Lead Generation

Customer complaints will always be part of your business campaign, so how could you handle it? Customer complaints will always be part of your business campaign, and it is up to marketers like you to deal with them and keep them from getting out of hand. Otherwise, you might have some difficulties in your future […]