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5 Tips and Tricks to Succeed at Networking

Achieve Business Development Goals through Networking Networking For some, the word alone is cringe worthy. For others it’s an invigorating breeze. Regardless of the way you feel about it, it’s necessary for business development. Below are five tips and tricks to become successful at networking. 1. Scope Out the Scene As a professional, one of […]

The Importance of Professional Organizations in the Recruiting Industry

Professional Organizations The Importance of Professional Organizations in the Recruiting Industry I had placed three people in six months with one of my top clients. I thought that I could read this client like a book. I could place a candidate for their Financial Reporting Supervisor position without breaking a sweat. The profile was not […]

5 Sure-fire Tips to Leverage Social Media to Increase Sales

  The explosive growth in the use of social media has dramatically altered the way customers discover and evaluate products. They are no longer dependent on the information provided by the salesperson to make a buying decision. Today, people can get all the information they need about a product by surfing the Internet or by […]

Thanks-Giving 101

A Better Holiday Greeting This Thanksgiving, why don’t you take the time to send an email of thanks to your customers, potential customers, and supportive contacts before you rush out the door for your turkey dinner with family and friends? All too often, we forget that we wouldn’t have the success we’ve had without people […]

5 Sales Do’s and Don’ts During the Holidays

Some might be a little counterintuitive, some common sense, some you just may not have thought of.. Here are 5 do’s and don’t for the holiday season that I have either noticed work well for others, or have worked well for me in the past. Some of them might be a little counterintuitive, some may […]

Why Your Business Can’t Afford Not to Go to Trade Shows

5 Reasons to Add Trade Shows to Your Marketing Plan Trade shows have been helping businesses succeed for decades. Companies, both large and small, have not only continued exhibiting at trade shows, but have also increased their trade show display budget. According to Statista, 33% of respondents to their survey reported an increase in number […]

10.5 Ideas to Help You Network Your Way Through the Silly Season

How to turn those holiday parties into the real gifts that keep on giving I know it’s barely November and it seems way too early to be talking about holiday parties, but I also know you’ve already seen Christmas decorations at stores. If retail can rush the Holiday season, then damn it, I can too! […]

Twelve Things to Consider While Networking Online

If you’re gonna do it, do it right! Have a plan. Understand what you want to get out of your online networking time and what you have to give to it. Upload your address book. This step will allow you to grow your networks faster. Larger networks lead to more opportunities. Realize the importance of […]

Ten Ways to Add Value to Your Network

It is less likely to add value to you until you add value to it. One of the most valuable lessons I teach when it comes to networking is the idea of “staying visible to your network”. Why? Because if you’re not top of mind with them, when an opportunity comes up to refer you, […]

Network for a Job

Ask for Help with a Clear Purpose Get over the guilt, the shyness, and the embarrassment about asking for help in your job search. Change the way you ask for help, as well. Let’s break it down… Your embarrassment and guilt comes across as lacking confidence Elizabeth secured a meeting with Frank for help on […]