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Parmesan Garlic Wings with a Side Order of Networking

I attended a weekly business networking lunch at Hooters recently and it was packed. Not surprising, since they’re known for great chicken wings. I sat next to a guy named Robert, who walked in just as we were taking our seats for lunch. He didn’t say much except that he was really busy at work […]

The Networking Adventures of Scooter

I met a man at a business-networking event this week who wouldn’t give me one of his business cards. We exchanged introductions and described what each of us did for a living, and I found out he was a salesperson for a specialty promotional products company. You know; they put your company name on golf […]

Power in The Feminine?

There’s been an uprising this year and it’s brought a smile to my face and a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. What is this uprising I hear you ask? It’s the surge of feminine energy that is going for gold, success, power, the millionaire mindset…you name it and they are going for it. Not […]

Proven Networking Tips for Successful Connections

Throughout history, fortunes have been made by people whose first big break came from a friend of a friend or a close contact. Long before computers and the internet, there was another way to make business connections – networking. By networking with others, you have the ability to open opportunities and make connections that could […]

The Four Stages of Networking

I am an “Ambassador” with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. That’s a fancy title for a volunteer. I also serve on the Chamber’s Education Committee. Most importantly, I host their weekly radio show, The Voice of Manhattan Business. Those are my credentials. Here’s how I use them: Our topic is networking. Networking is not exchanging […]

Prospecting Calls Vs. Networking

This May Surprise You! Prospecting calls empower sales people. Rather than wait for someone to stumble across their product or service a sales person makes things happen. They close deals and control their destiny. Networking is important because people do business with folks they like. Those who network tend to attract others who have similar […]

Getting Recommended By Others Will Increase Your Profits

Over the past 30 days you have purchased many items and services. If you are like most of us you are completely satisfied with the products and services you purchased. But how many of the sellers have you recommended to your friends, family and colleagues? If you are completely satisfied why haven’t you recommended the […]

What is Social Networking:

Are You Confused? The Internet continues to grow new media and social networking is one that offers value for both the individual and the business person. It’s not just buzz word, but rather an Internet phenomenon. It’s like a global cocktail lounge or living room gathering. It is a way for people to interact, get […]

Attracting And Maintaining A Solid Sales Network

Attracting and maintaining a solid sales network today is the foundation to tomorrow’s success. Your net worth is interdependent on your sales network. The more people you know, or who know you, the bigger and more solid your sales network will be. Because people buy from, and refer people to, people they know and they […]

Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, Oh My

These days, I imagine if Dorothy was lost in the internet jungle that is what she would be saying as she skipped down the yellow brick road trying to figure out social networking sites. Similar to a cocktail party or event, social networking is the act of meeting and engaging with people with one slight […]