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Sales Skills that Strike Gold at Trade Shows

For the self-employed, trade shows and conventions are a golden opportunity to gain exposure for your service or product offering. Unfortunately many hopeful entrepreneurs take on their first show with no idea of how to get the most new business for their trade-show dollars. Trade show participation is typically one of the more costly marketing […]

Three Reasons Networking Events Increase Your Referral Business

As every entrepreneur knows, referrals are the lifeblood of small business. Events hosted by professional associations, college alumni groups and your local chamber of commerce are the perfect opportunity to expand your network of professional contacts. Networking leads to a direct increase in the number of referrals you receive for new customers, earning you new […]

7 Tips to Master the Sales Process

When many of us hear the word sales, we often cringe at the thought of an aggressive sales person hovering over us to make a purchase on an item that we aren’t convinced brings tremendous value. No wonder as business owners, many of us are fearful of the sales process. Here are 7 tips to […]

5 Social Networking Mistakes

In the last couple of years we have seen a huge shift in marketing as more and more businesses gravitate to social networking sites to promote their business, build relationships with their customers and connect with potential partners. With the onset of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, millions of people […]

What is List Building?

There is so much talk these days about list building it may be difficult to translate what exactly is list building and how it could benefit your business. In today’s marketing environment, having a list of clients and prospect is important to every business and should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, especially […]

21 Tips to Use at a Networking Event

When you arrive at a networking event, avoid gravitating to people you know. You should initially thank the host and then immediately find someone new to whom to introduce yourself. This will help keep you in the right frame of mind as to why you came. Your consultative selling skills and sales motivation will be […]

Networking is a Con Game

Is It Benefiting Your Sales Motivation? Networking is nothing more than a “con” game. Have you ever been contacted by some swindler offering you money if you would help out a long, lost relative located in a remote country? We all know that phone calls like these are scams. But, in sales, can we associate […]

Stop Selling! Build Relationships and They Will Buy

Let’s face it, people buy from people, particularly people they trust and like – people who remind them of themselves. This is the foundation of a relationship. Therefore it is important for you, as a sales professional, to learn how to quickly build rapport and gain that trust. In order to build a relationship, there […]