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Sales Prospecting Advice

6 Tips to Share with Your Sales Team Sales Prospecting: The Key to Sales Success Regardless of whether a salesperson has been selling for 2 years or 20, having a minimum number of qualified prospects is a determining factor of sales success. While the tendency is to focus on closing a deal, it’s likely that […]

Your Sales Pitch Begins With Your First Sentence

image credit flickr Aspects of a Sales Pitch Sales people make the world go ’round. Some sales people create distrust because of the tactics they choose to use. When folks walk away from a deal feeling a sales person took advantage of them, it makes them resistant to talking with the next sales person. The […]

How to filter out prospects who will never buy from you.

Don’t waste your time selling to the wrong set of people. They will drain your time and energy, and will never buy from you. BELOW are the indicators of you being engaged with the wrong people who will never buy from you: 1) They will invite you for meetings after meetings, but these meetings will […]

A Guide to Dream Client Sales Meeting Preparation

You’ve landed a meeting with a dream client that changes the trajectory of both your career and your company. Given the size of the deal, the project and preparation are also going to be correspondingly large. Seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? Not if you follow this guide. Outline the process in a formal, written timeline. While […]

The 5 Rules of Prospecting Emails

By now, you should all be aware that I despise (with a blinding passion) pre-canned, mass-blast email templates. That is not what an organization pays a salesperson to do, and you WILL be replaced at some point. So, with that groundwork laid, these are the 5 Rules of Prospecting Emails for non-robot, human salespeople that […]

How To Write An Engaging Sales Email To Get Replies

Email marketing is a superb opportunity to earn yourself more customers and ensure that your company can make the most of their marketing efforts in general. The chance to be in as direct contact with prospective customers is a privilege and should be treated as such. Sadly, a lot of email marketing falls by the […]

Enough About Persistence, Make More Sales with THIS

It might just be the most overused word when talking about success in sales; persistence. I hear it nonstop, more than Dilly Dilly. In fact, I’d say people are quite PERSISTENT about it…I’ll show myself out. While I agree with the best of them that you have to be absolutely restless in this game of […]

Are the Ingrained Perceptions of Your Solution Slowing You Down?

Things to consider before your next outreach. How is your solution viewed by your prospects? Trouble being heard? Is the solution you’re offering a “disruptor” but you feel stereotyped by your predecessors who got it wrong? You did build a better mousetrap and now there are no mice. If you feel the things that make […]

Is Relationship-Based Selling Dead? Navigating Modern Sales with Ryan Dohrn

Everyone knows that sales is a dynamic industry, but many people might not realize how to change tactics and keep up with modern trends. Ryan Dohrn spent the last 25 years doing just that. Ryan has worked in several industries with major companies over the course of his nearly three-decade career like Boeing, John Deer, […]

The 3 Meanings of “Send Me an Email” objection

Here’s a fact?–?we rarely say what we actually think, especially to a stranger on the phone. And there are many reasons for that. Very often we simply don’t even know how we feel about one thing or the other but make up an opinion regardless, because we’re expected to have one. Or because it will […]