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Jeff Bajorek Digs into the 5 Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting

Sales will always be a “people” industry. Although the work used to feel dirty, the internet holds people accountable today. Unfortunately, too many people leave sales up to chance with Google and social media algorithms. Prospecting is something salespeople still have control over. Jeff wholeheartedly believes that people need to understand what sets them apart […]

How to set-up a meeting without the use (or help) of the phone?

Without a doubt, the phone is necessary for prospecting. It should be included in every cadence of SDR or BDR. But the question is not to its advantage but how useful it is as a strategy. We don’t use any kinds of channel or platform just to bring the purported advantage but if it truly […]

Building Blocks for Inside Sales Success

Important questions to ask yourself when your pipelines are lacking and deals are not closing 1. If I am not closing deal… It means I am not setting enough appointments with decision makers who are interested in buying from me. NEXT STEP: Diagnose why you are not setting enough quality appointments: * Are you setting […]

Cold Calling is Here to Stay Now and in the Future in B2B Sales.

Despite a constantly evolving social media landscape that spawns “new-fangled” & “trendier” social media platforms favored by a capricious audience, cold calling (whether it’s the personal, face-to-face sales call or the telephone sales call) is far from being dead. In fact, it is alive and kicking. This purported dismissal of cold calling in recent years […]

Prospecting – Sound Qualification Techniques Yield Better Sales Results in B2B Sales

Traditionally organizations have adopted a “Spray & Pray” technique to sell products and services. Maximizing the exposure of the product & services and engaging everyone into in-depth conversations on the solutions was seen as a good thing. However in the era of digital marketing & sales and in specific context of B2B sales, qualifying the […]

Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Pipeline

Sales professionals must create magnetic appeal to increase closing efficiency. Our present global environment creates numerous obstacles that polarize sales efforts, form the proliferation of the Internet to advanced media. Ironically, with the intrigue of technological miracles the foundation of sales success exists upon 10 principles. Since the beginning of trade, selling has not changed, […]

The Secret to Selling to C-Level Executives

Build Rapport Instantly Many sales professionals have no idea how to talk to a C-Level executive. In fact, many won’t even attempt to set an appointment with a CEO. C-Level executives are just like everyone else; you must meet their emotional needs before they are going to want to do business with you. People buy […]

Should You Be Focused On Your Presentation When Prospecting?

Should You Be Focused On Your Presentation When Prospecting?

The Importance of Sales for an Entrepreneurial Organization

By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business and is willing to take on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. Practically speaking, an entrepreneur is required to wear many hats including Chief Revenue Officer. One of the key aspects of being an entrepreneur and operating a […]

Prospecting: Friend or Foe?

No One Knows Who Said “The Road To Success Is Paved With Failure”, But We Do Know The Truth It Holds. You Could Say That Quote Accurately Describes The Often Loathed Task Of Prospecting. Of Course, Prospecting Is An Essential Part Of Every Sales Reps Job, But Often The Most Neglected And Feared. But Why? […]