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What is List Building?

There is so much talk these days about list building it may be difficult to translate what exactly is list building and how it could benefit your business. In today’s marketing environment, having a list of clients and prospect is important to every business and should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, especially […]

The Seven Stages of the Sales Cycle

Unavoidable Steps of a Sales Cycle Most sales follow roughly the same pattern. It’s a cycle of seven different steps, starting with prospecting and ending when you ask your new customer for referrals. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if someone calls you because they’re thinking about buying, you can skip […]

Relationship Selling

How to Network for Sales Success Those that are in business for the long haul know that they need to build a steady relationship with a customer. They don’t say good bye to a customer after selling him once. They say, “See you soon”. Relationship selling is a process spread over a long period of […]

How Quality in a Sales Process Improves Sales

There were days when companies thought about improving the product alone to enhance sales. In today’s hyper-competitive global market, growing sales is typically based on improving the sales process first. Understanding the sales process and how best the sales force is adapting to it will enable companies to focus on the sales resources better. A […]

How Asking For Referrals Can Increase Your Sales Effectiveness By 25%

There are companies that hardly use any advertisements and mainly do business on referrals. These companies have realized the value of referrals. For them referred clients are worth their weight in gold for their potential to bring business. Sales professionals may get tired of making cold calls and meeting with prospects. The chances of conversions […]

Be Hunted Instead of Hunting

3 Sales Tips to Get More Referrals Sales professionals are referred to as Hunters or Gathers. Only a small portion of people has both qualities. Hunters are naturally inclined to go out prospecting for new business and open doors. Gathers are nurturers. This type of professional is better at to tending to the relationship and […]

Referrals: The Lifeblood of Success in Sales

Ask! At the conclusion of a meeting, never pass up the opportunity to ask a customer if they can refer you to somebody else. This is one of the easiest ways to accelerate your sales motivation! Furthermore, don’t hesitate to request that they contact that person to introduce you. Too many times we only ask […]

Sales Prospecting

Your Pipeline Could Be Fuller Sales Prospecting — if you think it’s something you can do once a year with the same attention you pay to organizing your garage or closet, forget it! Sales prospecting is like taking a shower. You better be doing it daily. Keeping your pipeline of prospects full is no easy […]

Stop Selling! Build Relationships and They Will Buy

Let’s face it, people buy from people, particularly people they trust and like – people who remind them of themselves. This is the foundation of a relationship. Therefore it is important for you, as a sales professional, to learn how to quickly build rapport and gain that trust. In order to build a relationship, there […]

Passion as a Sales Tool

We all know that sales is really all about “closing the sale.” There is not a salesperson alive who does not use a variety of techniques to help them be successful with customers. However, I believe passion is the most underrated and underutilized sales tool in our arsenal, because it is too hard to measure […]