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Three Rules for a Great Sales Resume

What is a bigger challenge: hiring a pro salesperson or writing an appealing CV for the position? That is the question that starts arguments between HR managers and salespeople. Instead of taking sides, we offer you a chance to take a walk in your opponent’s shoes. If you’re a salesperson who’s struggling with composing a […]

Turn Your Career Challenges Into Resume Achievements

One of the most effective ways to stand out from the competition is to add accomplishments in a job to your resume. Often the case, candidates list their duties, responsibilities, and education. This is great, but not very impressive. A carefully crafted accomplishment sentence will change that drastically. Usually, recruiters know what are the typical […]

Improve Your Social Media and You’ll Land Sales Jobs

Improve Your Social Media and You’ll Land Sales Jobs: You already use social media when searching for sales jobs, but you probably didn’t think someone is out there researching you at the very same time. Recruiters are increasingly looking at your profiles to find out more personal information, including your hobbies and interests. In fact, […]

3 Winners for Sales Position Resume

You are a sales pro so know the most important task is to get a meeting with a prospect. Challenges Your prospects are recruiters and hiring managers. You have three challenges. 1. First, pass the ATS Application Tracking Software 2. Get the attention of recruiters. The 6-second test you have to clear 3. Interest hiring […]

How to Explain Gaps in Your CV

Keeping your fingers crossed in the hope that employers will not notice the gaps in your CV is not the right strategy. If there are gaps in your CV that aren’t explained then employers will often assume the worst as detailed in the cartoon here! Instead, you need to explain CV gaps in a way […]

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interviews From Your CV

1. Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors One of the biggest turn-offs to recruiters are simple mistakes in grammar and spelling. There is no excuse for errors, as it portrays laziness and a lack of focus, meaning your chances of getting to the next stage in the recruitment process drop significantly. Getting another person such as […]

What Are The Best Degrees For The Sales Industry?

Most of the time you don’t actually need a degree to get into the sales industry, as the majority of sales positions are not always looking for graduates. In fact it is very possible to get into sales without experience or a degree and there are resources on this site to help you do that. […]


When is it wise to start loooking for a new job to protect yourself. Author: CB Bowman, CEO Executive Leadership, LLC Website: Email to [email protected] Specializing In: Executive Coaching/Development & Career Management When clients who have been eliminated from their positions come to us for career transition/management, they usually tell us that they […]

Three Tips to Help Recruiters Find You

The first step toward a new and better job is when a recruiter calls you. The goal of every job seeker is to capture the eye of a recruiter who will invite them to interview for a job. But with competition for jobs at an all time high the chances of capturing a recruiter’s attention […]

Resume Red Flags

Ten Reasons Your Resume Gets the Cold Shoulder Resume Red Flags: If your resume has been floating around in cyber space without a nibble from prospective employers your frustration level has probably reached all-time high. There could be identifiable reasons your resume is getting ignored. Here are ten top resume red flags and what you […]